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15: The Movie

Watching The Movie 15: The Movie
15: The Movie Film Information

What's The Movie 15: The Movie About?

Fast, frenetic, and furious best describe the story of five teenage boys all but abandoned by the system, estranged from any parents, and discarded by life in general. They build a world of there own in which gangs, drugs, fighting, body piercing, self-harm, and even suicide are considered commonplace. The film highlights their harrowing place in time and this small world; where brotherhood is valued above all else. Impressively acted by actual street kids, the movie highlights a gritty side of modern-day Singaporean life.

What's The Genre Of The 15: The Movie Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Foreign

Who Stars In The 15: The Movie Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture 15: The Movie Released?

Released: April 27, 2003

What's The Runtime Of The 15: The Movie Movie?

Runtime: 93.0

How Popular Is The 15: The Movie Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.651

What Studio(s) Produced The 15: The Movie Film?

27 Productions


Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture 15: The Movie?

Melvin Melvin Chen
Erick Erick Chun
Armani Melvin Lee
Vynn Vynn Soh
Shaun Shaun Tan

Who Was On The Crew Of 15: The Movie The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Lim Ching Leong
Directing — Director: Royston Tan
Editing — Editor: Nigel Fernandez
Production — Executive Producer: Lim Ching Leong
Production — Producer: Eric Khoo
Production — Producer: Tan Fong Cheng
Sound — Original Music Composer: Yellow Box
Writing — Writer: Royston Tan

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