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A Chef in Love

Watching The Movie A Chef in Love
A Chef in Love Film Information

What's The Movie A Chef in Love About?

The story of Pascal Ichak, a larger-than-life French traveller, bon vivant, and chef, who falls in love with Georgia and a Georgian princess in the early 1920s. All is well until the arrival of the Red Army of the Caucasus, as the Soviet revolution that has swept Russian comes to Georgia. Told as a flashback from the present, as a French-Georgian man whose mother was Pascal's lover translates his memoirs for Pascal's niece.

What's The Genre Of The A Chef in Love Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Romance

Who Stars In The A Chef in Love Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture A Chef in Love Released?

Released: June 6, 1996

What's The Runtime Of The A Chef in Love Movie?

Runtime: 100.0

How Popular Is The A Chef in Love Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.632

What Studio(s) Produced The A Chef in Love Film?

La Sept Cinema, Les Films du Rivage, Studio Adam&Eve

Belgium, France, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture A Chef in Love?

Pascal Ichak Pierre Richard
Marcelle Ichak Micheline Presle
Cecilia Abachidze Nino Kirtadze
Anton Gogoladze Jean-Yves Gautier
Zigmund Gogladze Temuri Qamkhadze
Anton Gogoladze Ramaz Chkhikvadze
Le President Kakhi Kavsadze
Platoon Guram Pirtskhalava
Mme Kollontai Khatuna Ioseliani
Secretaire a la tete rasee Marina Kakhiani
Secretaire Nino Koberidze
L'ami de ZIgmund Shota Qristesashvili
Messager Goga Gvessiliani
L'anglais Aleksandr Ilin
Paysanne Gogola Kalandadze
Le grand-pere Elgudzha Burduli

Who Was On The Crew Of A Chef in Love The Movie?

Directing — Director: Nana Dzhordzhadze
Writing — Writer: Irakli Kvirikadze

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