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A Town Called Panic

Watching The Movie A Town Called Panic
A Town Called Panic Film Information

What's The Movie A Town Called Panic About?

Animated plastic toys like Cowboy, Indian and Horse have problems, too. Cowboy and Indian's plan to surprise Horse with a homemade birthday gift backfires when they destroy his house instead. Surreal adventures take over as the trio travel to the center of the earth, trek across frozen tundra and discover a parallel underwater universe where pointy-headed (and dishonest!) creatures live. With panic a permanent feature of life in this papier mâché town, will Horse and his girlfriend ever be alone?

They came… They saw… They panicked..

What's The Genre Of The A Town Called Panic Movie?

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Who Stars In The A Town Called Panic Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture A Town Called Panic Released?

Released: June 17, 2009

What's The Runtime Of The A Town Called Panic Movie?

Runtime: 75.0

How Popular Is The A Town Called Panic Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.259

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture A Town Called Panic?

Steven (Voice) Benoit Poelvoorde
Madame Longree Jeanne Balibar
Mouton, Jean-Paul Nicolas Buysse
Journaliste sportif Francois De Brigode
Janine Veronique Dumont
Indien Bruce Ellison
Vache, Etudiante Christine Grulois
Gendarme, Gerard, Livreur de briques Frederic Jannin
Poule Christelle Mahy
Rocky Gaufres, Etudiant chorale 1 Eric Muller
Cochon Francois Neyken
Cheval, Maman Atlante Vincent Patar
Rire de Michel Pipou
Ours Franco Piscopo
Ane, Michel David Ricci
Scientifique 1 Ben Tesseur
Scientifique 2 Alexandre von Sivers
Cowboy, Max Briquenet, Mr Ernotte (Voice) Stephane Aubier
Facteur, Simon, Vache Bouli Lanners

Who Was On The Crew Of A Town Called Panic The Movie?

Art — Background Designer: Gilles Cuvelier
Directing — Director: Stephane Aubier
Directing — Director: Vincent Patar
Editing — Editor: Peter Bernaers
Production — Producer: Philippe Kauffmann
Production — Producer: Vincent Tavier
Sound — Music: Dionysos
Sound — Music: French Cowboy
Visual Effects — Animation: Florence Henrard
Visual Effects — Animation: Stephane Aubier
Visual Effects — Animation: Vincent Patar
Visual Effects — Imaging Science: Jan Vandenbussche
Writing — Scenario Writer: Guillaume Malandrin
Writing — Scenario Writer: Stephane Aubier
Writing — Scenario Writer: Vincent Patar
Writing — Scenario Writer: Vincent Tavier
Writing — Writer: Stephane Aubier
Writing — Writer: Vincent Patar

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