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What's The Movie Android About?

Eccentric scientist Dr .Daniel and his shy assistant Max lead a quiet life on their space station, carrying out illegal research on androids, until they receive an unwelcome visit from three fugitives one of whom is female. Both Dr. Daniel and Max show an interest in her, but one of the other visitors has more sinister intentions.

Meet Max 404. He's a little over five years old. He just met his first woman. It's time to get down to Earth.

What's The Genre Of The Android Movie?

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller

Who Stars In The Android Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Android Released?

Released: October 15, 1982

What's The Runtime Of The Android Movie?

Runtime: 80.0

How Popular Is The Android Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.295

What Studio(s) Produced The Android Film?

New World Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Android?

Dr. Daniel Klaus Kinski
Maggie Brie Howard
Keller Norbert Weisser
Mendes Crofton Hardester
Cassandra Kendra Kirchner
Max 404 Don Keith Opper
Terrapol: Neptune Darrell Larson
Terrapol: Neptune Gary Corarito
Terrapol: Neptune Mary Ann Fisher
Terrapol: Neptune Ian Scheibel
Terrapol: Minos Wayne Springfield
Terrapol: Minos Julia Gibson
Terrapol: Landing Party Randy Connor
Terrapol: Landing Party Roger Kelton
Terrapol: Landing Party Rachel Talalay
Terrapol: Landing Party Johanne Todd

Who Was On The Crew Of Android The Movie?

Directing — Director: Aaron Lipstadt
Writing — Writer: Don Keith Opper
Writing — Writer: James Reigle

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