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Antonio das Mortes

Watching The Movie Antonio das Mortes
Antonio das Mortes Film Information

What's The Movie Antonio das Mortes About?

Mauricio do Valle reprises his role as Antonio das Mortes, the troubled hitman from Black God, White Devil. A new incarnation of Cangaceiro bandits, led by Coirana, has risen in the badlands. A blind landowner hires Antonio to wipe out his old nemesis. Yet after besting Coirana and accompanying the dying man to his mountain hideout, Antonio is moved by the plight of the Cangaceiro’s followers. The troubled hitman turns revolutionary, his gun and machete aimed towards his former masters.

What's The Genre Of The Antonio das Mortes Movie?

Genres: Drama, Western

Who Stars In The Antonio das Mortes Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Antonio das Mortes Released?

Released: May 20, 1969

What's The Runtime Of The Antonio das Mortes Movie?

Runtime: 100.0

How Popular Is The Antonio das Mortes Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.005

What Studio(s) Produced The Antonio das Mortes Film?

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Brazil, France, Germany

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Antonio das Mortes?

Antonio das Mortes Mauricio do Valle
Laura Odete Lara
Professor Othon Bastos
Coronel Horacio Joffre Soares
Coirana Lorival Pariz
Matos Hugo Carvana
Santa Rosa Maria Penna
Padre Emmanuel Cavalcanti
Madalena Conceicao Senna
Antao Mario Gusmao
Batista Sante Scaldaferri
Mata-Vaca Vinicius Salvatori

Who Was On The Crew Of Antonio das Mortes The Movie?

Camera — Camera Intern: Andre Faria
Crew — Cinematography: Affonso Beato
Crew — Sound Recordist: Walter Goulart
Directing — Director: Glauber Rocha
Editing — Editor: Eduardo Escorel
Lighting — Electrician: Roque Araujo
Production — Producer: Glauber Rocha
Production — Producer: Luiz Carlos Barreto
Production — Producer: Zelito Viana
Sound — Music: Marlos Nobre
Writing — Screenplay: Glauber Rocha

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