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Bad Men of Missouri

Watching The Movie Bad Men of Missouri
Bad Men of Missouri Film Information

What's The Movie Bad Men of Missouri About?

The Younger brothers return to Missouri after the Civil War with intent to avenge the misdeeds of William Merrick, a crooked banker who has been buying up warrants on back-taxes and dispossessing the farmers.

What's The Genre Of The Bad Men of Missouri Movie?

Genres: Western

Who Stars In The Bad Men of Missouri Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Bad Men of Missouri Released?

Released: July 26, 1941

What's The Runtime Of The Bad Men of Missouri Movie?

Runtime: 71.0

How Popular Is The Bad Men of Missouri Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.693

What Studio(s) Produced The Bad Men of Missouri Film?

Warner Bros.

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Bad Men of Missouri?

Cole Younger Dennis Morgan
Mary Hathaway Jane Wyman
Bob Younger Wayne Morris
Jim Younger Arthur Kennedy
William Merrick Victor Jory
Jesse James Alan Baxter
Mr. Pettibone Walter Catlett
Greg Bilson Howard Da Silva
Martha Adams Faye Emerson
Hank Younger Russell Simpson
Mrs. Hathaway Virginia Brissac
Mr. Adams Erville Alderson
Fred Robinson Hugh Sothern
Wash Sam McDaniel
Mrs. Dalton Dorothy Vaughan
Sheriff Brennan William Gould
Willie Younger Robert Winkler
Amy Younger Ann Todd
Lafe Roscoe Ates
Peg Leg Eddie Acuff
Dr. Taylor Arthur Aylesworth
Ms. Brooks Leah Baird
Bandaged Soldier Trevor Bardette
Preacher John Beck
Tod Dalton as a Young Boy Henry Blair
Sedalia Sheriff Wade Boteler
Young Grat Sonny Bupp
Carpetbagger #1 in Montage Jack Carr
Tod Glen Cavender
Clem Spencer Charters
Ambush Henchman Ben Corbett
Train Passenger Victor Cox
Young Bob Dix Davis
Sedalia Postmaster Joel Friedkin
Man in Russellville Bank Eddie Graham
Bank Representative Creighton Hale
Townsman with Sedalia Sheriff Neal Hart
Carpetbagger #4 in Montage Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Willard Herbert Heywood
Train Conductor Stuart Holmes
Pop Milton Kibbee
Mrs. Jordan Vera Lewis
Marshal Capturing Youngers Arthur Loft
Man Robbed on Trail Hank Mann
Henchman Frank Mayo
Tax-Paying Rancher Tom McGuire
Carpetbagger #3 in Montage Art Miles
Barfly Frank Mills
Jim Howard M. Mitchell
Ambush Henchman Jack Mower
Buck Bud Osborne
Mr. Peters Paul Panzer
Dan Duncan Renaldo
Prison Doctor Edwin Stanley
Deputy Sheriff Dave Tom Tyler
Wagon Train Leader Eddy Waller
Funeral Minister Frank Wilcox
Carpetbagger #2 in Montage Tom Wilson
Tax Collector Jack Wise

Who Was On The Crew Of Bad Men of Missouri The Movie?

Directing — Director: Ray Enright
Writing — Screenplay: Charles Grayson
Writing — Story: Robert E. Kent

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