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Barquero Film Information

What's The Movie Barquero About?

Jake Remy leads a gang of outlaw cutthroats making their escape toward Mexico from a successful robbery. Barring their way is a river--crossable only by means of a ferry barge. The barge operator, Travis, refuses to be bullied into providing transport for the gang and escapes across river with most of the local populace--leaving Remy and his gang behind, desperately seeking a way across. A river-wide stand-off begins between the gang and the townspeople, both groups of which have left people on the wrong side of the river.

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What's The Genre Of The Barquero Movie?

Genres: Action, Western

Who Stars In The Barquero Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Barquero Released?

Released: September 3, 1970

What's The Runtime Of The Barquero Movie?

Runtime: 115.0

How Popular Is The Barquero Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.102

What Studio(s) Produced The Barquero Film?

Aubrey Schenck Productions

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Barquero?

Who Was On The Crew Of Barquero The Movie?

Crew — Cinematography: Gerald Perry Finnerman
Directing — Director: Gordon Douglas
Editing — Editor: Charles Nelson
Production — Producer: Aubrey Schenck
Production — Producer: Hal Klein
Sound — Original Music Composer: Dominic Frontiere
Writing — Story: George Schenck
Writing — Story: William Marks

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