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Barry Munday

Watching The Movie Barry Munday
Barry Munday Film Information

What's The Movie Barry Munday About?

Barry Munday, a libido-driven wage slave who spends all his time either ogling, fantasizing about or trying to pick up women, wakes up in hospital after a freak attack only to find that his testicles have been removed.

A comedy that hits you right where it counts.

What's The Genre Of The Barry Munday Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Who Stars In The Barry Munday Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Barry Munday Released?

Released: March 13, 2010

What's The Runtime Of The Barry Munday Movie?

Runtime: 95.0

How Popular Is The Barry Munday Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.477

What Studio(s) Produced The Barry Munday Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Barry Munday?

Barry Munday Patrick Wilson
Mr. Farley Malcolm McDowell
Ginger Farley Judy Greer
Jennifer Farley Chloe Sevigny
Lida Griggs Missi Pyle
Heavy Metal Greg Colin Hanks
Carol Munday Jean Smart
Lonnie Green Billy Dee Williams
Mrs. Farley Cybill Shepherd
Iconic Beauty Carmen Electra
Deborah Emily Procter
Donald Shea Whigham
Lucy Barret Swatek
Dr. Preston Edwards Christopher McDonald
Moe Trieu Tran
Spiro Razaaq Adoti
Kyle Pennington Matt Winston
Jerry Sherman Kyle Gass
Maury Knox Michael Rivkin
Roadie #1 Kirk Ward
Roadie #2 Joe Nunez
Janice the Midwife Jenica Bergere
Candice Mae Whitman
Barry's Nurse Tori White
Secretary #1 Marnie Alexenburg
Greens Keeper William Stanford Davis
Doctor #2 Ed Solomon
Waitress Becca Sweitzer
Strip Club Dancer Jillian Schmitz
Young Girl Monica Allgeier
D.J. Sam Pancake
Driver Cole S. McKay
Bennie Diana Terranova
Sasha Bruna Rubio
Young Jennifer Cynthia Adkisson
Makeout Girl Julia Boyd
Father Walsh Michael Durrell
Pediatric Nurse Yvonne Huff
Dr. Shriver Marcelo Tubert
Beautiful Girl Ashley Guerrero
Bar Emcee Colin Malone
Doctor Barry Habib
Candice's Father Andrew Magarian
Tammy Eurydice Davis
Bouncer Mark Riccardi
Bouncer #2 Jeff Sanders
Child Bodybuilding Pageant Announcer Stone Douglass
Denise Jennifer M. Coll
Newton Creech Chris D'Arienzo
Office Manager Youlanda Davis
Barry Geoffrey Gould
Tracy Rebecca Howard
Bar Patron Kristoffer Kjornes
Cornelia Charlotte Roller
Ex-girlfriend Kristina Sefeldt
Felicia Willam Belli

Who Was On The Crew Of Barry Munday The Movie?

Art — Production Design: Paul Oberman
Art — Set Decoration: Ryan Welsch
Art — Title Designer: Donavan McDougle
Camera — Director of Photography: Morgan Susser
Costume & Make-Up — Costume Design: Frank Helmer
Crew — Post Production Supervisor: Brad Goodman
Directing — Director: Chris D'Arienzo
Directing — Script Supervisor: Lina Shanklin
Editing — Editor: Joan Sobel
Production — Associate Producer: Brad Goodman
Production — Associate Producer: Casey Engelhardt
Production — Casting: J.C. Cantu
Production — Casting: Mary Vernieu
Production — Casting: Venus Kanani
Production — Casting Assistant: Michelle Wade Byrd
Production — Casting Associate: Lindsay Graham
Production — Co-Executive Producer: Marc Bell
Production — Co-Producer: Tom Pellegrini
Production — Executive Producer: Barry Habib
Production — Executive Producer: Carl Levin
Production — Executive Producer: Jeff Davis
Production — Executive Producer: Marcos Siega
Production — Executive Producer: Robert Ortiz
Production — Executive Producer: Scott Prisand
Production — Location Manager: George McDowell Agnew
Production — Producer: Casey Engelhardt
Production — Producer: Eric Kopeloff
Production — Producer: Matt Weaver
Production — Producer: Mickey Barold
Production — Producer: Stone Douglass
Production — Production Coordinator: Nate Cohen
Production — Unit Production Manager: Casey Engelhardt
Production — Unit Production Manager: Divi Crockett
Sound — Music: Jude Christodal
Writing — Novel: Frank Turner Hollon
Writing — Screenplay: Chris D'Arienzo

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