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Blind Alley

Watching The Movie Blind Alley
Blind Alley Film Information

What's The Movie Blind Alley About?

A gangster takes a doctor and his family hostage.


What's The Genre Of The Blind Alley Movie?

Genres: Crime

Who Stars In The Blind Alley Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Blind Alley Released?

Released: May 11, 1939

What's The Runtime Of The Blind Alley Movie?

Runtime: 69.0

How Popular Is The Blind Alley Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.736

What Studio(s) Produced The Blind Alley Film?

Columbia Pictures Corporation

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Blind Alley?

Hal Wilson Chester Morris
Dr. Shelby Ralph Bellamy
Mary Ann Dvorak
Linda Curtis Joan Perry
George Curtis Melville Cooper
Doris Shelby Rose Stradner
Dick Holbrook (as John Eldridge) John Eldredge
Agnes Ann Doran
Buck Marc Lawrence
Fred Landis Stanley Brown
Davy Shelby Scotty Beckett
Nick Milburn Stone
Harriet Blossom Rock
State Trooper Stopping Fred Eddie Acuff
Joe James Craig
Trooper with Joe Dick Curtis
Trooper Cronin Ralph Dunn
Warden John Hamilton
Holmes Grady Sutton

Who Was On The Crew Of Blind Alley The Movie?

Directing — Director: Charles Vidor
Writing — Screenplay: Albert Duffy
Writing — Screenplay: Michael Blankfort
Writing — Screenplay: Philip MacDonald
Writing — Theatre Play: James Warwick

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