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Blind Date

Watching The Movie Blind Date
Blind Date Film Information

What's The Movie Blind Date About?

Dutch painter Jan-Van Rooyer hurries to keep a rendezvous with Jacqueline Cousteau, an elegant, sophisticated Frenchwoman, slightly his elder, whose relationship with him had turned from art student into one of love trysts. He arrives and is confronted by Detective Police Inspector Morgan who accuses him of having murdered Jacqueline. Morgan listens sceptically to the dazed denials of Van Rooyer as he tells the story of his relationship with the murdered woman. Morgan, after hearing the story, realizes that the mystery has deepened, and it becomes more complicated when the Assistant Commissioner, Sir Brian Lewis, explains that Jacqueline was not married but was being kept by Sir Howard Fenton, a high-ranking diplomat whose names must be kept out of the case.

A motion picture brilliantly, mysteriously different... as man is to woman!

What's The Genre Of The Blind Date Movie?

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Who Stars In The Blind Date Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Blind Date Released?

Released: August 1, 1959

What's The Runtime Of The Blind Date Movie?

Runtime: 95.0

How Popular Is The Blind Date Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.308

What Studio(s) Produced The Blind Date Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Blind Date?

Jan-Van Rooyer Hardy Kruger
Insp. Morgan Stanley Baker
Jacqueline Cousteau Micheline Presle
Insp. Westover John Van Eyssen
Sergeant Gordon Jackson
Sir Brian Lewis Robert Flemyng
Postman Jack MacGowran
Police doctor Redmond Phillips
Police constable George Roubicek
Sgt. Farrow Lee Montague

Who Was On The Crew Of Blind Date The Movie?

Directing — Director: Joseph Losey

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