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Born on the Fourth of July

Watching The Movie Born on the Fourth of July
Born on the Fourth of July Film Information

What's The Movie Born on the Fourth of July About?

The biography of Ron Kovic. Paralyzed in the Vietnam war, he becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights political activist after feeling betrayed by the country he fought for.

A story of innocence lost and courage found.

What's The Genre Of The Born on the Fourth of July Movie?

Genres: Drama, War

Who Stars In The Born on the Fourth of July Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Born on the Fourth of July Released?

Released: December 20, 1989

What's The Runtime Of The Born on the Fourth of July Movie?

Runtime: 145.0

How Popular Is The Born on the Fourth of July Movie?

Popularity Rating: 13.618

What Studio(s) Produced The Born on the Fourth of July Film?

Ixtlan, Universal Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Born on the Fourth of July?

Ron Kovic Tom Cruise
Mr. Kovic Raymond J. Barry
Mrs. Kovic Caroline Kava
Jenny Holly Marie Combs
Donna Kyra Sedgwick
Recruiting Gunnery Sgt. Hayes Tom Berenger
Tommy Finnelli Rob Camilletti
Billy Vorsovich Stephen Baldwin
Arzt Mark Moses
Hooker Vivica A. Fox
Jamie Wilson Lili Taylor
Steve Boyer Jerry Levine
Timmy Frank Whaley
Charlie Willem Dafoe
Tommy Kovic Josh Evans
Doctor Bob Gunton
Maria Elena Cordelia Gonzalez
Mr. Wilson Tony Frank
Mrs. Wilson Jayne Haynes
Suzanne Kovic Anne Bobby
Joey Walsh Richard Panebianco
Vet - Villa Dulce Tom Sizemore
Vet - Villa Dulce Michael Wincott
Man #1 - Arthur's Bar Mike Starr
Legion Commander Ed Lauter
Vet #1 - Democratic Convention Daniel Baldwin
Vet #2 - Miami Convention Brian Tarantina
Infantry Colonel Dale Dye
Massapequa Mom Norma Moore
Young Donna's Friend Stacey Moseley
News Reporter Oliver Stone
Young Jimmy Kovic Sean Stone
Young Suzanne Kovic Jenna von Oy
Neighbor Ellen Pasternack
Neighbor Joy Zapata
Marine Major - Vietnam John Getz
Lieutenant - Vietnam David Warshofsky
Martinez - Vietnam Jason Gedrick
Platoon - Vietnam Bill Allen
Platoon - Vietnam William Baldwin
Platoon - Vietnam Claude Brooks
Platoon - Vietnam James Le Gros
Platoon - Vietnam William Mapother
Platoon - Vietnam Byron Minns
Doctor - Vietnam Markus Flanagan
Chaplain - Vietnam R. D. Call
Marvin - VA Hospital Corkey Ford
Willie - VA Hospital Rocky Carroll
Aide #3 - VA Hospital Chris Pedersen
Patient - VA Hospital David Herman
Patient - VA Hospital Bruce MacVittie
Patient - VA Hospital Damien Leake
Patient - VA Hospital David Neidorf
Patient - VA Hospital Paul Sanchez
Nurse Washington - VA Hospital Billie Neal
Frankie - VA Hospital Richard Poe
Donna's Boyfriend - Syracuse, NY Jake Weber
Speaker - Syracuse, NY Reg E. Cathey
Folk Singer - Syracuse, NY Edie Brickell
Student Organizer - Syracuse, NY Joseph P. Reidy
Man #2 - Arthur's Bar Beau Starr
Man #3 - Arthur's Bar Rick Masters
Friend #1 - Arthur's Bar John Del Regno
Barmaid - Arthur's Bar Melinda Renna
Vet - Villa Dulce Andrew Lauer
Vet - Villa Dulce Ivan Kane
Young Tommy J.R. Nutt
Charlie's Hooker - Villa Dulce Begonya Plaza
Madame - Villa Dulce Edith Diaz
Bartender - Villa Dulce Anthony Pena
Undercover Vet - Miami Convention Peter Crombie
Paraplegic #2 - Miami Convention Ken Osborne
Paraplegic #3 - Miami Convention Alan Toy
Secret Service Agent - Miami Convention Chuck Pfeiffer
Agent #2 - Miami Convention William Wallace
Vet #1 - Miami Convention Eagle-Eye Cherry
Vet #3 - Miami Convention Frank Cavestani
Fat Republican - Miami Convention John William Galt
Democratic Delegate - Democratic Convention Jack McGee
Reporter #1 - Democratic Conventon Jodi Long
Reporter #2 - Democratic Conventon Michelle Hurst
Official #1 - Democratic Convention, Pushing Wheelchair John C. McGinley
Official #2 - Democratic Convention Wayne Knight
Passerby #1 - Democratic Convention Elizabeth Hoffman
Passerby #2 - Democratic Convention Lucinda Jenney
Passerby #4 - Democratic Convention Annie McEnroe
Vet #2 - Democratic Convention Real Andrews
Democratic Conventioner (uncredited) Theresa Bell
Marine Recruiter (uncredited) Dean Denton
Parade Veteran (uncredited) Ron Kovic
Protesting War Widow (uncredited) Delia Sheppard
Soldier (uncredited) Nick Nicholson
(uncredited) Henry Strzalkowski
Veteran (uncredited) Norman D. Wilson
Agent #1 - Miami Convention Frank Girardeau

Who Was On The Crew Of Born on the Fourth of July The Movie?

Art — Art Direction: Richard L. Johnson
Art — Art Direction: Victor Kempster
Art — Production Design: Bruno Rubeo
Art — Set Decoration: Derek R. Hill
Camera — Director of Photography: Robert Richardson
Camera — Steadicam Operator: Anastas N. Michos
Costume & Make-Up — Costume Design: Judy L. Ruskin
Costume & Make-Up — Hairstylist: Martha Marek Beresford
Costume & Make-Up — Makeup Artist: Jean Ann Black
Crew — Stunt Coordinator: Gil Arceo
Crew — Title Graphics: Robert Dawson
Directing — Assistant Director: Stephen Lim
Directing — Director: Oliver Stone
Editing — Editor: David Brenner
Editing — Editor: Joe Hutshing
Production — Casting: Billy Hopkins
Production — Casting: Risa Bramon Garcia
Production — Producer: A. Kitman Ho
Production — Producer: Clayton Townsend
Production — Producer: Joseph P. Reidy
Production — Producer: Lope V. Juban Jr.
Production — Producer: Oliver Stone
Production — Production Manager: Clayton Townsend
Production — Production Manager: Joey Romero
Production — Production Supervisor: Chris Brigham
Production — Production Supervisor: Jane Bartelme
Sound — Additional Soundtrack: Jimmy Webb
Sound — Original Music Composer: John Williams
Sound — Sound Effects Editor: Scott Martin Gershin
Visual Effects — Visual Effects: Dion Hatch
Visual Effects — Visual Effects: Robert Dawson
Writing — Author: Ron Kovic
Writing — Screenplay: Oliver Stone
Writing — Screenplay: Ron Kovic

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