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Bottle Shock

Watching The Movie Bottle Shock
Bottle Shock Film Information

What's The Movie Bottle Shock About?

Paris-based wine expert Steven Spurrier heads to California in search of cheap wine that he can use for a blind taste test in the French capital. Stumbling upon the Napa Valley, the stuck-up Englishman is shocked to discover a winery turning out top-notch chardonnay. Determined to make a name for himself, he sets about getting the booze back to Paris.

Based on a true story of love, victory, and fermentation

What's The Genre Of The Bottle Shock Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Who Stars In The Bottle Shock Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Bottle Shock Released?

Released: August 6, 2008

What's The Runtime Of The Bottle Shock Movie?

Runtime: 110.0

How Popular Is The Bottle Shock Movie?

Popularity Rating: 3.334

What Studio(s) Produced The Bottle Shock Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Bottle Shock?

Steven Spurrier Alan Rickman
Bo Barrett Chris Pine
Jim Barrett Bill Pullman
Sam Fulton Rachael Taylor
Gustavo Brambila Freddy Rodriguez
Maurice Cantavale Dennis Farina
Shenky Hal B. Klein
Maitre d' Jean-Michel Richaud
Joe Eliza Dushku
Loan Officer Kirk Baily
Pierre Tari Philippe Bergeron
Professor Saunders Bradley Whitford

Who Was On The Crew Of Bottle Shock The Movie?

Directing — Director: Randall Miller
Writing — Writer: Jody Savin
Writing — Writer: Randall Miller

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