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Buck Rogers

Watching The Movie Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers Film Information

What's The Movie Buck Rogers About?

Buck Rogers and Buddy Wade are in the middle of a trans-polar dirigible flight when they are caught in a blizzard and crash. Buddy then releases a special gas to keep them in suspended animation until a rescue party can arrive. However, an avalanche covers the craft and the two are in suspended animation for 500 years. When they are found, they awake to find out that the world has been taken over by the outlaw army of Killer Kane. Along with Lieutenant Wilma Deering, Buck and Buddy join in the fight to overthrow Kane and with the help of Prince Tallen of Saturn and his forces, they eventually do and Earth is free of Kane's grip.

BUCK ROGERS BATTLES INVASION FROM FOREIGN PLANETS!...Space ships exploded by giant ray machines! Mountains crumbled by disintegrating machines!

What's The Genre Of The Buck Rogers Movie?

Genres: Science Fiction

Who Stars In The Buck Rogers Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Buck Rogers Released?

Released: April 10, 1939

What's The Runtime Of The Buck Rogers Movie?

Runtime: 237.0

How Popular Is The Buck Rogers Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.797

What Studio(s) Produced The Buck Rogers Film?

Universal Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Buck Rogers?

Buck Rogers Buster Crabbe
Wilma Deering Constance Moore
George 'Buddy' Wade Jackie Moran
Capt. Rankin Jack Mulhall
Killer Kane Anthony Warde
Prof. Huer C. Montague Shaw
Aldar Guy Usher
Air Marshal Kragg William Gould
Prince Tallen Philson Ahn
Capt. Laska Henry Brandon
Lt. Patten Wheeler Oakman
Lt. Lacy Kenne Duncan
Scott Carleton Young
Capt. Roberts Reed Howes
Prof. Wade Wade Boteler
Dynamo Room Floor Guard Al Bridge
Control Officer Roy Butler
Captain of Dirigible Eddy Chandler
Army Official at Wade's Lab Lane Chandler
Lt. Carson Russ Clark
Kane Councilman James Conaty
Saturnian Councilman Cyril Delevanti
Kane Soldier Frank Ellis
Prof. Huer's Lab Assistant Jack Gardner
Councillor Krenko Karl Hackett
Reporter at Wade's Lab Kenneth Harlan
Cell Guard (uncredited) Ben Lewis
Hidden City Air Controller John Harmon
Kane's Council Member Theodore Lorch
Member of War Council Edmund Mortimer
Council-Room Guard Eddie Parker
Capt. Martin / Zugg Man Stanley Price
Kane Pilot / Hidden City Sentry / Saturnian Lieutenant David Sharpe
Kane Pilot / Hidden City Tech / Balcony Guard Tom Steele

Who Was On The Crew Of Buck Rogers The Movie?

Directing — Director: Ford Beebe
Directing — Director: Saul A. Goodkind

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