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Chasers Film Information

What's The Movie Chasers About?

Military men Rock Reilly and Eddie Devane are tasked with taking a prisoner, blonde bombshell Toni Johnson, on what becomes an unforgettable road trip. Toni, an enlistee who's in trouble for deserting her unit, soon proves that she's craftier than most inmates.

It was supposed to be a routine prisoner transfer. But this was no ordinary prisoner.

What's The Genre Of The Chasers Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Who Stars In The Chasers Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Chasers Released?

Released: April 22, 1994

What's The Runtime Of The Chasers Movie?

Runtime: 102.0

How Popular Is The Chasers Movie?

Popularity Rating: 9.853

What Studio(s) Produced The Chasers Film?

Morgan Creek Productions, Warner Bros.

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Chasers?

Rock Reilly Tom Berenger
Eddie Devane William McNamara
Toni Johnson Эрика Элениак
Howard Finster Crispin Glover
Rory Blanes Matthew Glave
Vance Dooly Grand L. Bush
Salesman Stig Dean Stockwell
Flo, Waitress Bitty Schram
Sergeant Vince Banger Gary Busey
Master Chief Bogg Seymour Cassel
Duane, Mechanic Frederic Forrest
Katie, Waitress Marilu Henner
Doggie Dennis Hopper
Fast Food Clown Scott Marlowe
Chief Yarboro Jim Grimshaw

Who Was On The Crew Of Chasers The Movie?

Art — Art Direction: Natalie Wilson
Camera — Director of Photography: Ueli Steiger
Directing — Director: Dennis Hopper
Editing — Editor: Christian Wagner
Production — Associate Producer: Joe Batteer
Production — Associate Producer: John Rice
Production — Casting: Mary Jo Slater
Production — Co-Producer: David Wisnievitz
Production — Executive Producer: Gary Barber
Production — Producer: James G. Robinson
Sound — Music: Dwight Yoakam
Sound — Music: Pete Anderson
Writing — Screenplay: Dan Gilroy
Writing — Screenplay: Joe Batteer
Writing — Screenplay: John Rice
Writing — Story: Joe Batteer
Writing — Story: John Rice

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