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Watching The Movie Cheetah
Cheetah Film Information

What's The Movie Cheetah About?

An American boy and girl, spending six months in Kenya with their scientist parents adopt a cheetah, only to realize that they must set it loose so that it can learn to hunt and be free. However, when the animal is captured by poachers planning to race it against greyhounds, the two city kids, together with a young African goat herder they befriended, head off into the wild to rescue the cheetah.

What's The Genre Of The Cheetah Movie?

Genres: Drama, Family

Who Stars In The Cheetah Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Cheetah Released?

Released: August 18, 1989

What's The Runtime Of The Cheetah Movie?

Runtime: 83.0

How Popular Is The Cheetah Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.012

What Studio(s) Produced The Cheetah Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Cheetah?

Ted Keith Coogan
Susan Lucy Deakins
Earl Johnson Timothy Landfield
Morogo Colin Mothupi
Jean Johnson Breon Gorman
Kipoin Ka Vundla
Lani Lydia Kigada

Who Was On The Crew Of Cheetah The Movie?

Directing — Director: Jeff Blyth
Writing — Novel: Alan Caillou
Writing — Screenstory: Jack Couffer

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