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Citizen Kane

Watching The Movie Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane Film Information

What's The Movie Citizen Kane About?

Newspaper magnate, Charles Foster Kane is taken from his mother as a boy and made the ward of a rich industrialist. As a result, every well-meaning, tyrannical or self-destructive move he makes for the rest of his life appears in some way to be a reaction to that deeply wounding event.

It's Terrific!

What's The Genre Of The Citizen Kane Movie?

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Who Stars In The Citizen Kane Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Citizen Kane Released?

Released: April 30, 1941

What's The Runtime Of The Citizen Kane Movie?

Runtime: 119.0

How Popular Is The Citizen Kane Movie?

Popularity Rating: 15.812

What Studio(s) Produced The Citizen Kane Film?

Mercury Productions, RKO Radio Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Citizen Kane?

Charles Foster Kane Orson Welles
Jedediah Leland Joseph Cotten
Susan Alexander Kane Dorothy Comingore
Jim W. Gettys Ray Collins
Walter Parks Thatcher George Coulouris
Mary Kane Agnes Moorehead
Raymond Paul Stewart
Emily Norton Kane Ruth Warrick
Herbert Carter Erskine Sanford
Jerry Thompson/Narrator William Alland
Mr. Bernstein Everett Sloane
Signor Matiste Fortunio Bonanova
John Gus Schilling
Mr. Rawlston Philip Van Zandt
Bertha Anderson Georgia Backus
Jim Kane Harry Shannon
Charles Foster Kane III Sonny Bupp
Young Charles Foster Kane Buddy Swan
Interviewer Gregg Toland
Man at Party in Everglades (uncredited) Don Ackerman
Pianist in 'El Rancho' (uncredited) Nat 'King' Cole
Gino (uncredited) Gino Corrado
Extra (uncredited) Maurice Costello
Newsreel Man (uncredited) Demetrius Alexis
Newsreel Man (uncredited) Gene Coogan
Newsreel Man (uncredited) Art Dupuis
Newsreel Man (uncredited) Rudy Germane
Newsreel Man (uncredited) Mike Lally
Newsreel Man (uncredited) Walter Lawrence
Newsreel Man (uncredited) John Northpole
Newsreel Man (uncredited) Victor Romito
Newsreel Man (uncredited) Bob Terry
Man at Xanadu Great Hall (uncredited) William Alston
Man at Xanadu Great Hall (uncredited) Jack Gargan
Man at Xanadu Great Hall (uncredited) Bert Moorhouse
Maid in Xanadu Hall (uncredited) Carmen Laroux
Man at Boat Dock (uncredited) Sam Ash
Man at Boat Dock (uncredited) Buddy Messinger
Man at Boat Dock (uncredited) Terrance Ray
Woman at Boat Dock (uncredited) Sally Corner
City Room Employee (uncredited) Walter Bacon
City Editor (uncredited) Herbert Corthell
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Harry A. Bailey
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Danny Borzage
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) J.J. Clark
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Tom Coleman
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Carl Deloro
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Jack Egan
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Robert Haines
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Ludwig Lowry
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) John McCormack
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Hercules Mendez
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Paddy O'Flynn
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Sam Rice
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Don Roberts
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Larry Wheat
Man Singing at Inquirer Party (uncredited) Larry Williams
Georgia (uncredited) Joan Blair
Servant (uncredited) Morgan Brown
Wedding Guest (uncredited) Harry Burkhardt
Inquirer Reporter (uncredited) Edmund Cobb
Reporter (uncredited) Eddie Coke
Reporter (uncredited) Louis Natheaux
Reporter (uncredited) Arthur O'Connell
Reporter (uncredited) Guy Repp
Reporter (uncredited) Tom Steele
Reporter (uncredited) Richard Wilson
Reporter at Xanadu (uncredited) Louise Currie
Reporter at Xanadu (uncredited) Walter Sande
Reporter at Xanadu (uncredited) Jan Wiley
Reporter at Wedding (uncredited) Milton Kibbee
Reporter at Boat Deck (uncredited) Buck Mack
Reporter Smoking Pipe at End (uncredited) Alan Ladd
Teddy Roosevelt (uncredited) Thomas A. Curran
Boss Printer (uncredited) Jack Curtis
Copy Boy (uncredited) George Noisom
Copy Boy Delivering Message in Chicago Hotel Room (uncredited) Gerald Pierce
House Maid (uncredited) Donna Dax
Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall (uncredited) George DeNormand
Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall (uncredited) Bud Geary
Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall (uncredited) Bert LeBaron
Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall (uncredited) Clyde McAtee
Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall (uncredited) Cyril Ring
Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall (uncredited) Roland Winters
Newspaperman (uncredited) Lew Harvey
Newspaperman (uncredited) Herman J. Mankiewicz
Man in Projection Room (uncredited) Eddie Dew
Man in Projection Room (uncredited) Perc Launders
Ward Heeler (uncredited) John Dilson
Ward Heeler (uncredited) Walter James
Photographer (uncredited) Robert Dudley
French Maid (uncredited) Suzanne Dulier
Solly (uncredited) Al Eben
Car-Driver (uncredited) Johnny Eckert
Adolf Hitler (uncredited) Carl Ekberg
Leland's Nurse (uncredited) Edith Evanson
Hermann Goring (uncredited) Carl Faulkner
Dancer (uncredited) Juanita Fields
Dancer (uncredited) Edna Mae Jones
Dancer (uncredited) Leda Nicova
Dancer (uncredited) Jolane Reynolds
Dancer (uncredited) Suzanne Ridgeway
Expressman (uncredited) Olin Francis
Susan's Maid (uncredited) Louise Franklin
Nurse (uncredited) Renee Godfrey
Guest (uncredited) Peter Gowland
Man at Party in Everglades (uncredited) Jimmy Grant
Joseph (uncredited) Jesse Graves
Man on Hospital Roof (uncredited) Ernest Grooney
Man on Hospital Roof (uncredited) Jack Gwynne
Man on Roof (uncredited) Teddy Mangean
Best Man at Wedding (uncredited) Henry Hebert
Fish Driver (uncredited) Bryan 'Slim' Hightower
Politician (uncredited) Mitchell Ingraham
Politician (uncredited) Philip Morris
Politician (uncredited) Francis Sayles
Waiter at Inquirer Party (uncredited) George W. Jimenez
Orchestra Leader (uncredited) Arthur Kay
Ms. Townsend (uncredited) Ellen Lowe
Prompter (uncredited) James T. Mack
Newsboy (uncredited) Mickey Martin
Newsman (uncredited) Bruce Sidney
Shadowgraph Man (uncredited) Major McBride
(uncredited) Frank McLure
Civic Leader (uncredited) Charles Meakin
Civic Leader (uncredited) Edward Peil Jr.
Dr. Corey (uncredited) Irving Mitchell
Ethel (uncredited) Frances E. Neal
Woman at Opera (uncredited) Lillian Nicholson
Secretary (uncredited) Joseph North
Secretary (uncredited) William H. O'Brien
Opera Spectator (uncredited) Field Norton
Opera Spectator (uncredited) Dick Scott
Man at Madison Square Garden (uncredited) Frank O'Connor
Man at Madison Square Garden (uncredited) Russ Powell
Man at Madison Square Garden (uncredited) Bert Stevens
Man (uncredited) Thomas Pogue
Woman in Front of Chronicle Building (uncredited) Lillian O'Malley
Stagehand (uncredited) Jack Raymond
Stagehand (uncredited) Gohr Van Vleck
Big Governess (uncredited) Myrtle Rishell
Smather (uncredited) Benny Rubin
Hireling (uncredited) Shimen Ruskin
Hireling (uncredited) George Sherwood
Man in Inquirer City Room (uncredited) Edward Ryan
Senate Investigator (uncredited) Landers Stevens
Portuguese Laborer (uncredited) Harry J. Vejar
Chorus Master (uncredited) Tudor Williams
Speaker (uncredited) Arthur Yeoman
Copy Boy (uncredited) Tim Davis
Entertainer (uncredited) Charles Bennett

Who Was On The Crew Of Citizen Kane The Movie?

Art — Art Direction: Van Nest Polglase
Art — Set Decoration: Darrell Silvera
Camera — Director of Photography: Gregg Toland
Camera — Still Photographer: Alexander Kahle
Camera — Still Photographer: Phil Stern
Costume & Make-Up — Costume Design: Edward Stevenson
Costume & Make-Up — Makeup Artist: Layne Britton
Costume & Make-Up — Makeup Artist: Maurice Seiderman
Costume & Make-Up — Makeup Department Head: Mel Berns
Crew — Post Production Supervisor: Lee S. Marcus
Crew — Special Effects: Vernon L. Walker
Crew — Stunts: Tom Steele
Directing — Assistant Director: Edward Donahue
Directing — Director: Orson Welles
Directing — Second Assistant Director: Fred Fleck
Editing — Assistant Editor: Mark Robson
Editing — Color Timer: George Cave
Editing — Editor: Robert Wise
Editing — Editorial Manager: John Houseman
Lighting — Gaffer: Vic Jones
Production — Casting: Rufus Le Maire
Production — Executive In Charge Of Production: Pandro S. Berman
Production — Executive Producer: George Schaefer
Production — Producer: Orson Welles
Production — Producer: Richard Baer
Production — Production Manager: J.R. Crone
Production — Researcher: Elizabeth McGaffey
Sound — Original Music Composer: Bernard Herrmann
Sound — Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Clem Portman
Sound — Supervising Sound Editor: John Aalberg
Writing — Screenplay: Herman J. Mankiewicz
Writing — Screenplay: Orson Welles
Writing — Writer: John Houseman
Writing — Writer: Mollie Kent
Writing — Writer: Roger Q. Denny

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