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Watching The Movie Clonehunter
Clonehunter Film Information

What's The Movie Clonehunter About?

2525 A.D. Man has colonized the stars. The wealthy and powerful implant their brains in cloned versions of themselves to gain immortality. As a side-effect, occasionally a clone develops mutant abilities. A clonehunter and his new partner have to track down a clone who threatens to destroy the planet unless the rich man he was cloned for gives him all his wealth.

What's The Genre Of The Clonehunter Movie?

Genres: Science Fiction

Who Stars In The Clonehunter Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Clonehunter Released?

Released: January 1, 2009

What's The Runtime Of The Clonehunter Movie?

Runtime: 85.0

How Popular Is The Clonehunter Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.112

What Studio(s) Produced The Clonehunter Film?

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Clonehunter?

Stone Jef Betz
Tom Achilles Greg Oliver Bodine
Sly H. R. Britton
Plasticoat-Girl Nadia Dassouki
Rachel Angela Funk
Ronnie Robin Kurtz
Agent Durham Rebecca Kush

Who Was On The Crew Of Clonehunter The Movie?

Directing — Director: Andrew Bellware
Writing — Writer: Eric Steele

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