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Watching The Movie Cuba
Cuba Film Information

What's The Movie Cuba About?

A British mercenary arrives in pre-Revolution Cuba to help train the corrupt General Batista's army against Castro's guerrillas while he also romances a former lover now married to an unscrupulous plantation owner.

Part Heaven... Part Hell... Pure Havana.

What's The Genre Of The Cuba Movie?

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Thriller, War

Who Stars In The Cuba Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Cuba Released?

Released: December 21, 1979

What's The Runtime Of The Cuba Movie?

Runtime: 122.0

How Popular Is The Cuba Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.847

What Studio(s) Produced The Cuba Film?

United Artists

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Cuba?

Maj. Robert Dapes Sean Connery
Alexandra Lopez de Pulido Brooke Adams
Larry Gutman Jack Weston
Capt. Raphael Ramirez Hector Elizondo
Juan Pulido Chris Sarandon
Gen. Bello Martin Balsam
Donald Skinner Denholm Elliott
Julio Mederos Danny De La Paz
Therese Mederos Lonette McKee
Faustino Alejandro Rey
Miss Wonderly Louisa Moritz
Miss Wonderly's Press Agent Dave King
Don Jose Pulido Walter Gotell
Jesus David Rappaport
Batista Wolfe Morris
Roger Maxwell-Lafroy Michael Lees
Nunez Roger Lloyd Pack
Carillo Tony Mathews
Celia Leticia Garrido
Col Rossel Leyva Earl Cameron
Senora Pulido Maria Charles
Dolores Pauline Peart
Maria Anna Nicholas
Spencer Anthony Pullen Shaw
Gary John Morton
Ramon Stefan Kalipha
Fat Sergeant Ram John Holder
Painter Raul Newney
Pulido's Chauffeur James Turner

Who Was On The Crew Of Cuba The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: David Watkin
Directing — Director: Richard Lester
Production — Executive Producer: Denis O'Dell
Production — Producer: Alex Winitsky
Production — Producer: Arlene Sellers
Sound — Music: Patrick Williams
Writing — Writer: Charles Wood

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