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Daddy or Mommy

Watching The Movie Daddy or Mommy
Daddy or Mommy Film Information

What's The Movie Daddy or Mommy About?

Florence and Vincent Leroy are a model couple. They have great jobs, a perfect marriage and delightful children. And now they want their divorce to be an equal success. But when they are both simultaneously promoted to their dream jobs, their relationship becomes a nightmare. From that moment on, the gloves are off, the two exes declare war and will do everything in their power to NOT have custody of their children.

What's The Collection The Daddy or Mommy Movie Belongs to?

Papa ou Maman Collection

What's The Genre Of The Daddy or Mommy Movie?

Genres: Comedy

Who Stars In The Daddy or Mommy Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Daddy or Mommy Released?

Released: February 4, 2015

What's The Runtime Of The Daddy or Mommy Movie?

Runtime: 85.0

How Popular Is The Daddy or Mommy Movie?

Popularity Rating: 8.307

What Studio(s) Produced The Daddy or Mommy Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Daddy or Mommy?

Florence Leroy Marina Fois
Vincent Leroy Laurent Lafitte
Mathias Leroy Alexandre Desrousseaux
Emma Leroy Anna Lemarchand
Julien Leroy Achille Potier
Virginie Judith El Zein
Paul Michael Abiteboul
Marion Vanessa Guide
Coutine Michel Vuillermoz
Le Juge Anne Le Ny
Henri Yves Verhoeven
Xavier Yannick Choirat
Simon Jean-Baptiste Fonck
Camille Theoline Lanckriet
Gisele, la mere d'Henri Mireille Franchino
Professeur Malinvaud Mireille Franchino
L'agent immobilier Eric Naggar
Elodie Pierre Samuel
M. Rassamian Denis Leluc
L'ado Esteban Tigharghar
L'hotesse black Sloan-Perry Ambassa
L'infirmiere Aurelia Felix
La monitrice de Krav-Maga Anne Le Nen
Monsieur Patinball Dominique Fouassier
Interne Malinvaud Marie Cahuzac
Cop Thierry Angelvi

Who Was On The Crew Of Daddy or Mommy The Movie?

Art — Production Design: Stephane Taillasson
Camera — Director of Photography: Laurent Dailland
Costume & Make-Up — Costume Design: Anne Schotte
Directing — Director: Martin Bourboulon
Editing — Editor: Virginie Bruant
Production — Co-Producer: Adrian Politowski
Production — Co-Producer: Gilles Waterkeyn
Production — Co-Producer: Matthieu Delaporte
Production — Co-Producer: Romain Le Grand
Production — Co-Producer: Serge de Poucques
Production — Co-Producer: Sylvain Goldberg
Production — Producer: Alexandre de La Patelliere
Production — Producer: Dimitri Rassam
Sound — Original Music Composer: Jerome Rebotier
Writing — Idea: Guillaume Clicquot de Mentque
Writing — Screenplay: Alexandre de La Patelliere
Writing — Screenplay: Matthieu Delaporte

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