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Watching The Movie Dauria
Dauria Film Information

What's The Movie Dauria About?

A chronicle of life in a small village in the Baikal Region on the eve of World War I and at the time of the October Revolution. The age-old foundations are crumbling, the process of social stratification is underway and, as a result, some people go to defend the revolution, and others - to fight against it. The main hero is the young Cossack Roman Ulybin. At first, this carefree daredevil is preoccupied only with one problem: whether his sweetheart, Dashutka, is to marry him or a merchant’s son, Alyoshka. Roman is killing time fist-fighting with his rival. But little by little, the young man realizes that the world around him has changed, that people are fighting for equality and social justice, and, being a real Cossack, he can’t remain on the sidelines…

What's The Genre Of The Dauria Movie?

Genres: Drama, History

Who Stars In The Dauria Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Dauria Released?

Released: May 8, 1972

What's The Runtime Of The Dauria Movie?

Runtime: 172.0

How Popular Is The Dauria Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.238

What Studio(s) Produced The Dauria Film?



Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Dauria?

Roman Ulybin Vitali Solomin
Елисей Каргин Efim Kopelyan
Федот Муратов Mikhail Kokshenov
Семен Нагорный Yuriy Solomin
дед Андрей Улыбин Arkadi Trusov
Никифор Чепалов Viktor Pavlov
Авдотья Улыбина Vera Kuznetsova
Severian Ulybin Petr Shelokhonov
эпизод +консультант фильма по конным сценам Yakov Naishuler

Who Was On The Crew Of Dauria The Movie?

Directing — Director: Viktor Tregubovich
Writing — Novel: Konstantin Sedykh
Writing — Writer: Viktor Tregubovich
Writing — Writer: Yuri Klepikov

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