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Watching The Movie Destroyer
Destroyer Film Information

What's The Movie Destroyer About?

Flagwaving story of a new American destroyer, the JOHN PAUL JONES, from the day her keel is laid, to what was very nearly her last voyage. Among the crew, is Steve Boleslavski, a shipyard welder that helped build her, who reenlists, with his old rank of Chief bosuns mate. After failing her sea trials, she is assigned to the mail run, until caught up in a disparate battle with a Japanese sub. After getting torpedoed, and on the verge of sinking, the Captain, and crew hatch a plan to try and save the ship, and destroy the sub.

You'll Always Remember . . . And Never Forget . . . Destroyer

What's The Genre Of The Destroyer Movie?

Genres: Adventure, Drama, War

Who Stars In The Destroyer Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Destroyer Released?

Released: August 19, 1943

What's The Runtime Of The Destroyer Movie?

Runtime: 99.0

How Popular Is The Destroyer Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.518

What Studio(s) Produced The Destroyer Film?

Columbia Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Destroyer?

Steve Boleslavski (as Edward G.Robinson) Edward G. Robinson
Mickey Donohue Glenn Ford
Mary Boleslavski Marguerite Chapman
Kansus Jackson Edgar Buchanan
Sarecky Leo Gorcey
Lt. Cmdr. Clark Regis Toomey
Casey (as Ed Brophy) Edward Brophy
Lt. Marton Warren Ashe
2nd Fireman (uncredited) Lloyd Bridges
Doctor #1 (uncredited) Tris Coffin
Japanese Sonar Man (uncredited) Benson Fong
2nd Ship Fitter (uncredited) Bud Geary
Austin (uncredited) Eddie Hall
Assistant Chief Engineer (uncredited) Charles McGraw
Radioman (uncredited) Milburn Stone
Communications Officer (uncredited) Dennis Moore
Ens. Johnson (uncredited) Larry Parks
Bigbee's Girl (uncredited) Shirley Patterson
Survivor (uncredited) Gene Rizzi
Riveter (uncredited) Eddy Waller

Who Was On The Crew Of Destroyer The Movie?

Directing — Director: William A. Seiter
Writing — Screenplay: Borden Chase
Writing — Screenplay: Frank Wead
Writing — Screenplay: Lewis Meltzer
Writing — Story: Frank Wead

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