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Doctor at Large

Watching The Movie Doctor at Large
Doctor at Large Film Information

What's The Movie Doctor at Large About?

The third of the "Doctor" films. Newly qualified doctor Simon Sparrow goes in search of a job. He applies for a surgery position at the hospital where he studied, but manages to insult the senior surgeon and one of the hospital's governors. So, instead he ends up as assistant to with a niggardly and rather scary GP with an amerous wife, followed by cushy but rather unmedical job with a Harley Street doctor, and then a job with a very nice GP whp is the opposite to the first one. But after getting the chance to rescue the hospital governor from a group of angry ladies at a resort in France, he finally lands a job at his beloved hosdpital.

What's The Collection The Doctor at Large Movie Belongs to?

The Doctor Series

What's The Genre Of The Doctor at Large Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Who Stars In The Doctor at Large Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Doctor at Large Released?

Released: March 26, 1957

What's The Runtime Of The Doctor at Large Movie?

Runtime: 104.0

How Popular Is The Doctor at Large Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.516

What Studio(s) Produced The Doctor at Large Film?

The Rank Organisation

United Kingdom

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Doctor at Large?

Dr Simon Sparrow Dirk Bogarde
Dr Joy Gibson Muriel Pavlow
Dr Tony Benskin Donald Sinden
Sir Lancelot Spratt James Robertson Justice
Nurse Nan McPherson Shirley Eaton
Dr. Charles Bingham Michael Medwin
Dr. Erasmus Potter-Shine Derek Farr
Dr. Hatchett Lionel Jeffries
Lady Hawkins Athene Seyler
Padre Noel Purcell
Pascoe George Coulouris
Emerald Anne Heywood
Kitty Barbara Murray
Smith Mervyn Johns
Mrs. Jasmine Hatchett Dilys Laye
George Terence Longdon
Mrs. Dalton Maureen Pryor
Examiner Ernest Thesiger
Examiner Geoffrey Keen

Who Was On The Crew Of Doctor at Large The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Ernest Steward
Directing — Director: Ralph Thomas
Editing — Editor: Frederick Wilson
Production — Producer: Betty E. Box
Sound — Music: Bruce Montgomery
Writing — Novel: Richard Gordon
Writing — Screenplay: Nicholas Phipps

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