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Edison, the Man

Watching The Movie Edison, the Man
Edison, the Man Film Information

What's The Movie Edison, the Man About?

In flashback, fifty years after inventing the light bulb, an 82-year-old Edison tells his story starting at age twenty-two with his arrival in New York. He's on his way with invention of an early form of stock market ticker.

Spencer Tracy's greatest performance!

What's The Genre Of The Edison, the Man Movie?

Genres: Drama, History

Who Stars In The Edison, the Man Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Edison, the Man Released?

Released: May 10, 1940

What's The Runtime Of The Edison, the Man Movie?

Runtime: 107.0

How Popular Is The Edison, the Man Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.552

What Studio(s) Produced The Edison, the Man Film?


United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Edison, the Man?

Thomas A. Edison Spencer Tracy
General Powell Charles Coburn
Bunt Cavatt Lynne Overman
Mary Stilwell Rita Johnson
Mr. Taggart Gene Lockhart
Ben Els Henry Travers
Michael Simon Felix Bressart
Ashton Peter Godfrey
Lundstrom Guy D'Ennery
Edwin Hall Byron Foulger
'Acid' Graham Milton Parsons
Bigelow Arthur Aylesworth
Jimmy Price Gene Reynolds
Mr. Johnson Addison Richards
Snade Grant Mitchell
Sheriff Paul Hurst
Toastmaster George Lessey
John Schofield Jay Ward
Nancy Grey Ann Gillis
First Lecturer Erville Alderson
Minor Role William Arnold
Broker Hooper Atchley
Sheriff Irving Bacon
Broker Arthur Belasco
Party Guest Edward Biby
Reporter Billy Bletcher
Preacher Harry C. Bradley
Bisbee Harlan Briggs
Minor Role Fritzi Brunette
Mechanic John Butler
Party Guest James Carlisle
Gold Exchange Clerk George Chandler
Minor Role Howard Chase
Party Guest James Conaty
Waiter Jimmy Conlin
Reporter Nick Copeland
Broker Maurice Costello
Woman Nell Craig
Minor Role Jack Daley
Policeman Edgar Dearing
Minor Role Helen Dickson
Broker John Dilson
Jordan Donald Douglas
Broker Edward Earle
Galbreath Frank Faylen
Man at Banquet Walter Fenner
Cashier Eddie Gribbon
Broker Hale Hamilton
Party Guest Sam Harris
Broker Edward Hearn
Broker Arthur Stuart Hull
Broker Harry Humphrey
Lecturer Edward Keane
Marion Estelle Edison Eve Kendall
Workman Milton Kibbee
Second Lecturer Charles Lane
Doctor Edward LeSaint
Broker Wilfred Lucas
Policeman Tom Mahoney
Party Guest Eric Mayne
Reporter Ralph McCullough
Minister George Meader
Blair Harold Minjir
Coachman Bruce Mitchell
Party Guest Hans Moebus
Party Guest Edmund Mortimer
Broker Forbes Murray
Broker Louis Natheaux
Party Guest Alex Novinsky
Waiter William H. O'Brien
Lamplighter George Ovey
Minor Role Thomas Pogue
Butler Alexander Pollard
Reporter Cyril Ring
Party Guest Count Stefenelli
Minor Role Harry Strang
Minor Role Jackie Taylor
Clark Charles Trowbridge
Secretary Emmett Vogan
First Commissioner Charles Waldron
Trailer Narrator (voice) Frank Whitbeck
Minor Role Joe Whitehead
Broker Lloyd Whitlock
Newsboy Robert Winkler

Who Was On The Crew Of Edison, the Man The Movie?

Directing — Director: Clarence Brown
Writing — Original Story: Dore Schary
Writing — Original Story: Hugo Butler
Writing — Screenplay: Bradbury Foote
Writing — Screenplay: Talbot Jennings

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