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Eight Iron Men

Watching The Movie Eight Iron Men
Eight Iron Men Film Information

What's The Movie Eight Iron Men About?

Stanley Kramer's WW-II character study has Lee Marvin as the Sergeant of a small squad laid over during fighting in Italy. During the otherwise boring time between battles, tensions arise as they are ordered not to rescue a squad mate pinned down by the enemy, for fear of risking more lives. Based on the stage play "A Sound of Hunting", by Harry Brown.

They've got a single dream ... and she's terrific !

What's The Genre Of The Eight Iron Men Movie?

Genres: Drama, War

Who Stars In The Eight Iron Men Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Eight Iron Men Released?

Released: December 1, 1952

What's The Runtime Of The Eight Iron Men Movie?

Runtime: 80.0

How Popular Is The Eight Iron Men Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.805

What Studio(s) Produced The Eight Iron Men Film?

Stanley Kramer Productions

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Eight Iron Men?

Pvt. Collucci Bonar Colleano
Sgt. Joe Mooney Lee Marvin
Carter Arthur Franz
Pvt. Coke Richard Kiley
Pvt. Sapiros Nick Dennis
Pvt. Ferguson James Griffith
Pvt. Muller Dickie Moore
The Girl Mary Castle
Pvt. Small George Cooper
Captain Trelawny Barney Phillips
Walsh Robert Nichols
Lieutenant Crane Richard Grayson
Hunter Douglas Henderson

Who Was On The Crew Of Eight Iron Men The Movie?

Art — Set Decoration: James Crowe
Camera — Camera Operator: Emil Oster
Camera — Director of Photography: J. Roy Hunt
Directing — Director: Edward Dmytryk
Editing — Editor: Aaron Stell
Production — Producer: Stanley Kramer
Sound — Music Director: Morris Stoloff
Sound — Original Music Composer: Leith Stevens
Writing — Writer: Harry Brown

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