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End of the Game

Watching The Movie End of the Game
End of the Game Film Information

What's The Movie End of the Game About?

Hans Baerlach is a Swiss police detective who has dedicated much of his career to pursuing powerful and allegedly murderous businessman Richard Gastmann. Though Baerlach's partner meets his demise while investigating Gastmann, his replacement, Walter Tschanz, is undaunted. Meanwhile, the lovely Anna Crawley becomes involved in the case, which proceeds to take many twists and turns.

"I could murder her in front of your eyes and you couldn't prove it," said the master criminal to the master detective. And so the game began...

What's The Genre Of The End of the Game Movie?

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Who Stars In The End of the Game Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture End of the Game Released?

Released: August 31, 1975

What's The Runtime Of The End of the Game Movie?

Runtime: 106.0

How Popular Is The End of the Game Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.894

What Studio(s) Produced The End of the Game Film?

MFG-Film, T.R.A.C.

Germany, Italy

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture End of the Game?

Walter Tschanz Jon Voight
Anna Crawley Jacqueline Bisset
Hans Baerlach Martin Ritt
Richard Gastmann Robert Shaw
Von Schwendi Helmut Qualtinger
Dr. Lutz Gabriele Ferzetti
Nadine Rita Calderoni
Friedrich Friedrich Durrenmatt
Clenin Willy Hugli
Dr. Hungertobel Norbert Schiller
Coroner Guido Cerneglia
Corpse of Lt. Robert Schmied Donald Sutherland
Gastmann's Mother Lil Dagover

Who Was On The Crew Of End of the Game The Movie?

Directing — Director: Maximilian Schell
Writing — Novel: Friedrich Durrenmatt
Writing — Screenplay: Friedrich Durrenmatt
Writing — Screenplay: Maximilian Schell
Writing — Screenplay: Roberto De Leonardis

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