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Epidemic Film Information

What's The Movie Epidemic About?

The second of Trier's films known collectively as the Europa trilogy. The other two films in the trilogy are The Element of Crime (1984) and Europa (1991). Co-written by Niels Vørsel, the film focuses on the screenwriting process. Vørsel and von Trier play themselves, coming up with a last-minute script for a producer. This story is intercut with scenes from the film they write, in which von Trier plays a renegade doctor trying to cure a modern-day epidemic. In an ironic twist, the doctor discovers that he himself has been spreading the virus.

What's The Collection The Epidemic Movie Belongs to?

Europa Trilogy

What's The Genre Of The Epidemic Movie?

Genres: Drama, Horror

Who Stars In The Epidemic Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Epidemic Released?

Released: September 11, 1987

What's The Runtime Of The Epidemic Movie?

Runtime: 106.0

How Popular Is The Epidemic Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.354

What Studio(s) Produced The Epidemic Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Epidemic?

Himself / Dr. Mesmer Lars von Trier
Himself Niels Vorsel

Who Was On The Crew Of Epidemic The Movie?

Directing — Director: Lars von Trier
Writing — Screenplay: Lars von Trier
Writing — Screenplay: Niels Vorsel

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