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Watching The Movie Foodfight!
Foodfight! Film Information

What's The Movie Foodfight! About?

Dex, a superdog sleuth, is the law of the land when the world's most recognized brands take on the forces of evil and the devilish Brand X.

When good food... goes bad!

What's The Genre Of The Foodfight! Movie?

Genres: Action, Animation, Comedy, Family

Who Stars In The Foodfight! Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Foodfight! Released?

Released: June 15, 2012

What's The Runtime Of The Foodfight! Movie?

Runtime: 87.0

How Popular Is The Foodfight! Movie?

Popularity Rating: 6.694

What Studio(s) Produced The Foodfight! Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Foodfight!?

Dex Dogtective Charlie Sheen
Daredevil Dan Wayne Brady
Sunshine Goodness Hilary Duff
Lady X Eva Longoria
Mr. Clipboard Christopher Lloyd
Sweet Cakes Haylie Duff
Polar Penguin Chris Kattan
Hairy Hold Greg Ellis
General X / Kaptain Krispy Martin Klebba
Twinkleton Daniel Franzese
Fat Cat Burglar Harvey Fierstein
Vlad Chocool Larry Miller
Mr. Leonard Ed Asner
Hedda Shopper Christine Baranski
Brand X Lunch Lady Cloris Leachman
Mrs. Butterworth Edie McClurg
Toddler's Mom Sean Catherine Derek
Hairles Hamster Henchman (voice) Jason Harris
Hairless Hamster Henchman (voice) Greg Eagles
General X Jerry Stiller
Cheasel T. Weasel Lawrence Kasanoff

Who Was On The Crew Of Foodfight! The Movie?

Directing — Director: Lawrence Kasanoff
Editing — Editor: Craig Paulsen
Writing — Story: Joshua Wexler
Writing — Story: Lawrence Kasanoff
Writing — Writer: Brent V. Friedman
Writing — Writer: Rebecca Swanson
Writing — Writer: Sean Catherine Derek

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