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Watching The Movie Freerunner
Freerunner Film Information

What's The Movie Freerunner About?

With a ticking bomb locked to his neck, a young freerunner races against the clock and all types of baddies to get from one end of the city to the other to save himself and his girlfriend.

Run For Your Life

What's The Genre Of The Freerunner Movie?

Genres: Action

Who Stars In The Freerunner Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Freerunner Released?

Released: September 14, 2011

What's The Runtime Of The Freerunner Movie?

Runtime: 87.0

How Popular Is The Freerunner Movie?

Popularity Rating: 4.097

What Studio(s) Produced The Freerunner Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Freerunner?

Ryan Sean Faris
Mr. Frank Danny Dyer
Reese Tamer Hassan
Dalores Amanda Fuller
Grampa Seymour Cassel
Deedee Mariah Bonner
Stacey Casey Durkin
Fan Jia Mae
Finch Ryan Doyle
Penny / Goth Chick Erica Stikeleather
Chelsea Rebecca Da Costa
College Kid 1 Todd Maurer
Texas Businessman Curtis Taylor

Who Was On The Crew Of Freerunner The Movie?

Crew — Cinematography: Claudio Chea
Directing — Director: Lawrence Silverstein
Production — Casting: Lillian Pyles
Production — Executive Producer: Alex Barder
Production — Executive Producer: Sean Faris
Production — Producer: Lawrence Silverstein
Writing — Story: Jeremy Sklar
Writing — Story: Raimund Huber
Writing — Writer: Jeremy Sklar
Writing — Writer: Matthew Chadwick
Writing — Writer: Raimund Huber

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