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H.M.S. Defiant

Watching The Movie H.M.S. Defiant
H.M.S. Defiant Film Information

What's The Movie H.M.S. Defiant About?

Defiant's crew is part of a fleet-wide movement to present a petition of grievances to the Admiralty. Violence must be no part of it. The continual sadism of Defiant's first officer makes this difficult, and when the captain is disabled, the chance for violence increases.

The cry was MUTINY... and the decks ran red!...

What's The Genre Of The H.M.S. Defiant Movie?

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, History

Who Stars In The H.M.S. Defiant Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture H.M.S. Defiant Released?

Released: April 15, 1962

What's The Runtime Of The H.M.S. Defiant Movie?

Runtime: 101.0

How Popular Is The H.M.S. Defiant Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.525

What Studio(s) Produced The H.M.S. Defiant Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture H.M.S. Defiant?

Captain Crawford Alec Guinness
Lieut. Scott-Padget Dirk Bogarde
Vizard Anthony Quayle
Mr. Goss (Ship's Surgeon) Maurice Denham
Senior Midshipman Kilpatrick Nigel Stock
Evans Tom Bell
Lieut. Posonby Richard Carpenter
Lieut. D'Arblay Peter Gill
Hayes Ray Brooks
Pardoe Robin Stewart
Wagstaffe Murray Melvin
Dawlish Victor Maddern
Harvey Crawford David Robinson
Sgt Kneebone Bryan Pringle
Wheatley Johnny Briggs
Silly Billy Toke Townley
Midshipman James Bolam

Who Was On The Crew Of H.M.S. Defiant The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Christopher Challis
Directing — Director: Lewis Gilbert
Editing — Editor: Peter R. Hunt
Production — Associate Producer: Douglas Peirce
Production — Producer: John Brabourne
Sound — Music: Clifton Parker
Writing — Novel: Frank Tilsley
Writing — Screenplay: Edmund H. North
Writing — Screenplay: Nigel Kneale

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