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Hamlet Film Information

What's The Movie Hamlet About?

Shakespeare's 17th century masterpiece about the "Melancholy Dane" was given one of its best screen treatments by Soviet director Grigori Kozintsev. Kozintsev's Elsinore was a real castle in Estonia, utilized metaphorically as the "stone prison" of the mind wherein Hamlet must confine himself in order to avenge his father's death. Hamlet himself is portrayed (by Innokenti Smoktunovsky) as the sole sensitive intellectual in a world made up of debauchers and revellers. Several of Kozintsev directorial choices seem deliberately calculated to inflame the purists: Hamlet's delivers his "To be or not to be" soliloquy with his back to the camera, allowing the audience to fill in its own interpretations.

What's The Genre Of The Hamlet Movie?

Genres: Drama, Foreign

Who Stars In The Hamlet Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Hamlet Released?

Released: June 24, 1964

What's The Runtime Of The Hamlet Movie?

Runtime: 140.0

How Popular Is The Hamlet Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.384

What Studio(s) Produced The Hamlet Film?


Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Hamlet?

Гамлет Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy
Офелия Anastasiya Vertinskaya
Король Mikhail Nazvanov
Королева Elza Radzina
Полоний Yuriy Tolubeev
Розенкранц Igor Dmitriev
Гильденстерн Vadim Medvedev
Горацио Vladimir Erenberg
Лаэрт Stepan Oleksenko
первый актёр и Призрак отца Гамлета Grigori Gaj
второй актёр Rein Aren
третий актёр Yuri Berkun
священник Ants Lauter
могильщик Viktor Kolpakov

Who Was On The Crew Of Hamlet The Movie?

Directing — Director: Grigori Kozintsev
Writing — Theatre Play: William Shakespeare
Writing — Writer: Boris Pasternak
Writing — Writer: Grigori Kozintsev

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