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Hawaiian Vacation

Watching The Movie Hawaiian Vacation
Hawaiian Vacation Film Information

What's The Movie Hawaiian Vacation About?

The toys throw Ken and Barbie a Hawaiian vacation in Bonnie's room.

What's The Genre Of The Hawaiian Vacation Movie?

Genres: Animation, Family

Who Stars In The Hawaiian Vacation Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Hawaiian Vacation Released?

Released: June 16, 2011

What's The Runtime Of The Hawaiian Vacation Movie?

Runtime: 6.0

How Popular Is The Hawaiian Vacation Movie?

Popularity Rating: 11.316

What Studio(s) Produced The Hawaiian Vacation Film?

Pixar Animation Studios

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Hawaiian Vacation?

Buzz Lightyear (voice) Tim Allen
Barbie (voice) Jodi Benson
Slinky Dog (voice) Blake Clark
Woody (voice) Tom Hanks
Jessie (voice) Joan Cusack
Trixie (voice) Kristen Schaal
Rex (voice) Wallace Shawn
Rexing Bull (voice) Axel Geddes
Buttercup (voice) Jeff Garlin
Mrs. Potato Head (voice) Estelle Harris
Mr. Potato Head (voice) Don Rickles
Mr. Pricklepants (voice) Timothy Dalton
Bonnie (voice) Emily Hahn
Bonnie's Mom (voice) Lori Alan
Ken (voice) Michael Keaton
Dolly (voice) Bonnie Hunt
Hamm (voice) John Ratzenberger
Captain Zip (voice) Angus MacLane
Chuckles (voice) Bud Luckey
Spanish Buzz (voice) Javier Fernandez Pena
Peas-in-a-pod (voice) Zoe Levin

Who Was On The Crew Of Hawaiian Vacation The Movie?

Directing — Director: Gary Rydstrom
Editing — Editor: Axel Geddes
Sound — Original Music Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh
Writing — Screenplay: Erik Benson
Writing — Screenplay: Gary Rydstrom
Writing — Screenplay: Jason Katz
Writing — Story: Christian Roman
Writing — Story: Erik Benson

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