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Le Pont du Nord

Watching The Movie Le Pont du Nord
Le Pont du Nord Film Information

What's The Movie Le Pont du Nord About?

Marie, is just out from prison when she runs into Baptiste a young paranoid needing companionship. In their pursuit of a mysterious briefcase carried by Marie's former lover, they roam the street of Paris, transformed into a giant board game, a maze spotted with mysterious traps, puzzling clues, and chance encounters. Maybe they are bricks in some sinister scheme, maybe they are playing a board game, maybe it's a fairy tale, maybe it's yet something else...

What's The Genre Of The Le Pont du Nord Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Who Stars In The Le Pont du Nord Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Le Pont du Nord Released?

Released: March 24, 1982

What's The Runtime Of The Le Pont du Nord Movie?

Runtime: 129.0

How Popular Is The Le Pont du Nord Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.020

What Studio(s) Produced The Le Pont du Nord Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Le Pont du Nord?

Marie Bulle Ogier
Baptiste Pascale Ogier
Julien Pierre Clementi
Max Jean-Francois Stevenin
Le Max au couteau Benjamin Baltimore
Le Max au manteau Steve Baes

Who Was On The Crew Of Le Pont du Nord The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Caroline Champetier
Camera — Director of Photography: William Lubtchansky
Directing — Director: Jacques Rivette
Editing — Editor: Catherine Quesemand
Editing — Editor: Nicole Lubtchansky
Production — Executive Producer: Margaret Menegoz
Production — Executive Producer: Martine Marignac
Production — Producer: Barbet Schroeder
Production — Producer: Jean-Pierre Mahot
Writing — Dialogue: Jerome Prieur
Writing — Scenario Writer: Bulle Ogier
Writing — Scenario Writer: Jacques Rivette
Writing — Scenario Writer: Pascale Ogier
Writing — Scenario Writer: Suzanne Schiffman
Writing — Writer: Bulle Ogier
Writing — Writer: Jacques Rivette
Writing — Writer: Jerome Prieur
Writing — Writer: Pascale Ogier
Writing — Writer: Suzanne Schiffman

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