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Let's Dance

Watching The Movie Let's Dance
Let's Dance Film Information

What's The Movie Let's Dance About?

After the war, Donald Elwood meets his former USO partner, Kitty McNeil. Kitty, now the widow of Richard Everett, has a little boy named Richie; and she is trying to evade her husband's grandmother's control. Serena Everett controls the family money, and she wants Kitty and Richie to live according to the customs and class of the Everett family.


What's The Genre Of The Let's Dance Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Who Stars In The Let's Dance Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Let's Dance Released?

Released: November 29, 1950

What's The Runtime Of The Let's Dance Movie?

Runtime: 112.0

How Popular Is The Let's Dance Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.164

What Studio(s) Produced The Let's Dance Film?

Paramount Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Let's Dance?

Kitty McNeil Betty Hutton
Donald Elwood Fred Astaire
Edmund Pohlwhistle Roland Young
Carola Everett Ruth Warrick
Serena Everett Lucile Watson
Richard 'Richie' Everett Gregory Moffett
Larry Channock Barton MacLane
Timothy Bryant Shepperd Strudwick
Charles Wagstaffe Melville Cooper
Chef Marcel Harold Huber
Judge Mackenzie George Zucco
Bubbles Malone Peggy Badley
Elsie Virginia Toland
Policeman (uncredited) Philip Ahlm
George - Bartender (uncredited) Bobby Barber
Man in Bowler Hat (uncredited) Oliver Blake
New York Policeman (uncredited) Stanley Blystone
George (uncredited) James Burke
Watchman (uncredited) Chester Conklin
Engagement Party Guest (uncredited) Bess Flowers
Police Sergeant (uncredited) Frank Hagney
Sergeant (uncredited) Todd Karns
Waiter (uncredited) William H. O'Brien
Woman (uncredited) Peggy O'Neill
Cab Driver (uncredited) Ralph Peters
Nurse Gorman (uncredited) Esther Somers
Cook (uncredited) Bert Stevens
Showgirl Eve Whitney

Who Was On The Crew Of Let's Dance The Movie?

Crew — Choreographer: Hermes Pan
Directing — Director: Norman Z. McLeod
Production — Producer: Robert Fellows
Writing — Story: Maurice Zolotow
Writing — Writer: Allan Scott

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