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What's The Movie M About?

Remake of the 1931 original. In the city, someone is murdering children. The Police search is so intense, it is disturbing the 'normal' criminals, and the local hoods decide to help find the murderer as quickly as possible.

The most gripping motion picture you've ever seen!

What's The Genre Of The M Movie?

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Who Stars In The M Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture M Released?

Released: March 1, 1951

What's The Runtime Of The M Movie?

Runtime: 88.0

How Popular Is The M Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.006

What Studio(s) Produced The M Film?

Superior Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture M?

Martin W. Harrow David Wayne
Inspector Carney Howard Da Silva
Charlie Marshall, crime boss Martin Gabel
Dan Langley Luther Adler
Lt. Becker Steve Brodie
Pottsy Raymond Burr
Riggert Glenn Anders
Sutro Norman Lloyd
MacMahan Walter Burke
Blind Baloon Vendor John Miljan
Police Chief Regan Roy Engel
The Mayor Jim Backus
Mrs. Coster Karen Morley
Harrow's Landlady Virginia Farmer
Harry Greer Norman Leavitt
Suspect Given Ink Blot Test William Schallert
Police Station Witness Madge Blake
Last Little Girl Janine Perreau
Child Sherry Jackson
Hood (uncredited) Tom Kennedy
Police Detective (uncredited) Stanley Prager
Rorschach Test Subject (uncredited) William Schallert

Who Was On The Crew Of M The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Ernest Laszlo
Crew — Additional Dialogue: Waldo Salt
Directing — Director: Joseph Losey
Editing — Editor: Edward Mann
Sound — Original Music Composer: Michel Michelet
Writing — Scenario Writer: Thea von Harbou
Writing — Screenplay: Leo Katcher
Writing — Screenplay: Norman Reilly Raine

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