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Made In Paris

Watching The Movie Made In Paris
Made In Paris Film Information

What's The Movie Made In Paris About?

A pretty fashion buyer visiting Paris on business is courted by a famous designer. Boris Sagal's 1966 romantic comedy stars Ann-Margret, Louis Jourdan, Richard Crenna, Chad Everett, Edie Adams, John McGiver, Reta Shaw and Count Basie.

This is Ann-Margaret BEFORE she went to Paris... This is Ann-Margaret AFTER she got to Paris... AND what happens in between is what it's all about!

What's The Genre Of The Made In Paris Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Who Stars In The Made In Paris Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Made In Paris Released?

Released: February 9, 1966

What's The Runtime Of The Made In Paris Movie?

Runtime: 103.0

How Popular Is The Made In Paris Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.297

What Studio(s) Produced The Made In Paris Film?

Euterpe, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Made In Paris?

Maggie Scott Ann-Margret
Marc Fontaine Louis Jourdan
Herb Stone Richard Crenna
Irene Chase Edie Adams
Ted Barclay Chad Everett
Roger Barclay John McGiver
Georges Marcel Dalio
Cecile Mathilda Calnan
Denise Marton Jacqueline Beer
Attendant Marcel Hillaire
Elise Michele Montau
American Bar Singer Reta Shaw
Fashion Show Attendee Leoda Richards

Who Was On The Crew Of Made In Paris The Movie?

Directing — Director: Boris Sagal
Writing — Writer: Stanley Roberts

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