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Malta Story

Watching The Movie Malta Story
Malta Story Film Information

What's The Movie Malta Story About?

In 1942 Britain was clinging to the island of Malta since it was critical to keeping Allied supply lines open. The Axis also wanted it for their own supply lines. Plenty of realistic reenactments and archival combat footage as the British are beseiged and try to fight off the Luftwaffe. Against this background, a RAF reconnaissance photographer's romance with a local girl is endangered as he tries to plot enemy movements.

What's The Genre Of The Malta Story Movie?

Genres: Drama, History, War

Who Stars In The Malta Story Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Malta Story Released?

Released: June 1, 1953

What's The Runtime Of The Malta Story Movie?

Runtime: 97.0

How Popular Is The Malta Story Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.636

What Studio(s) Produced The Malta Story Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Malta Story?

Flight Lt. Peter Ross Alec Guinness
Air CO Frank Jack Hawkins
Maria Gonzar Muriel Pavlow
John Bartlett Anthony Steel
Joan Rivers Renee Asherson
Melita Gonzar Flora Robson
Eden Hugh Burden
Giuseppe Gonzar Nigel Stock
Paolo Gonzar Stuart Burge
Carmella Gonzar Rosalie Crutchley
Vice Adm Payne Reginald Tate
Vice Adm Willie Banks Ralph Truman
British Soldier Gordon Jackson

Who Was On The Crew Of Malta Story The Movie?

Art — Art Direction: John Howell
Camera — Camera Operator: H.A.R. Thomson
Camera — Director of Photography: Robert Krasker
Costume & Make-Up — Makeup Artist: W.T. Partleton
Crew — Second Unit Cinematographer: E. Steward
Crew — Sound Recordist: Gordon K. McCallum
Crew — Sound Recordist: John W. Mitchell
Crew — Special Effects: Albert Whitlock
Crew — Special Effects: Bill Warrington
Directing — Director: Brian Desmond Hurst
Directing — Script Supervisor: Tilly Day
Editing — Editor: Michael Gordon
Production — Executive Producer: Earl St. John
Production — Producer: Peter De Sarigny
Sound — Music: William Alwyn
Sound — Sound Editor: Eric Wood
Writing — Idea: Peter De Sarigny
Writing — Idea: Thorold Dickinson
Writing — Novel: Hugh P. Lloyd
Writing — Screenplay: Nigel Balchin
Writing — Screenplay: William Fairchild
Writing — Story: William Fairchild

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