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Meet the Robinsons

Watching The Movie Meet the Robinsons
Meet the Robinsons Film Information

What's The Movie Meet the Robinsons About?

In this animated adventure, brilliant preteen inventor Lewis creates a memory scanner to retrieve his earliest recollections and find out why his mother gave him up for adoption. But when the villainous Bowler Hat Guy steals the machine, Lewis is ready to give up on his quest until the mysterious Wilbur Robinson shows up on the scene, whisking Lewis to the future to find the scanner and his mom.

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What's The Genre Of The Meet the Robinsons Movie?

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

Who Stars In The Meet the Robinsons Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Meet the Robinsons Released?

Released: March 23, 2007

What's The Runtime Of The Meet the Robinsons Movie?

Runtime: 95.0

How Popular Is The Meet the Robinsons Movie?

Popularity Rating: 10.530

What Studio(s) Produced The Meet the Robinsons Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Meet the Robinsons?

Cornelius Robinson (voice) Tom Selleck
Lucille Krunklehorn (voice) Laurie Metcalf
Mildred (voice) Angela Bassett
Franny (voice) Nicole Sullivan
Carl (voice) Harland Williams
Lewis (voice) Daniel Hansen
Lewis (voice) Jordan Fry
Michael 'Goob' Yagoobian (voice) Matthew Josten
Mr. Harrington (voice) John H. H. Ford
Mrs. Harrington / Receptionist (voice) Dara McGarry
Mr. Willerstein (voice) Tom Kenny
Coach / Gaston (voice) Don Hall
Stanley (voice) Paul Butcher
Lizzy (voice) Tracey Miller-Zarneke
Wilbur (voice) Wesley Singerman
Young Franny (voice) Jessie Flower
Bowler Hat Guy / Grandpa Bud / Tallulah (voice) Stephen J. Anderson
Doris / CEO / Spike / Dmitri / Laszlo / Fritz / Petunia (voice) Ethan Sandler
Lefty (voice) Nathan Greno
Aunt Billie (voice) Kelly Hoover
Uncle Art (voice) Adam West
Frankie (voice) Aurian Redson
T-Rex (voice) Joseph Mateo
Reporter (voice) Joe Whyte

Who Was On The Crew Of Meet the Robinsons The Movie?

Crew — Compositors: Dan Haring
Crew — Compositors: Roger Huynh
Crew — Digital Effects Supervisor: Leonard Robledo
Crew — Digital Effects Supervisor: Marlon West
Crew — Other: Matsune Suzuki
Directing — Director: Stephen J. Anderson
Directing — Layout: Merrick Rustia
Directing — Layout: Rick Moore
Directing — Layout: Thomas Baker
Lighting — Lighting Artist: Michael Leung
Lighting — Lighting Artist: Roger Huynh
Lighting — Lighting Manager: Justin Hammond
Production — Producer: Dorothy McKim
Visual Effects — Animation: Tim Allen
Visual Effects — Visual Development: Rick Maki
Writing — Screenplay: Michelle Bochner

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