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Never Too Young to Die

Watching The Movie Never Too Young to Die
Never Too Young to Die Film Information

What's The Movie Never Too Young to Die About?

Secret agent Drew Stargrove is brutally murdered by the ruthless transexual gang leader Velvet Von Ragnar. The murdered secret agent's son, Lance Stargrove is thrust into the dangerous and intriguing world of secret agents and espionage when he seeks revenge. Danja Deerling teams up with Lance as his sidekick and love interest.

Action: Bond style. Beauty: Vanity style. Hero: American style.

What's The Genre Of The Never Too Young to Die Movie?

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

Who Stars In The Never Too Young to Die Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Never Too Young to Die Released?

Released: June 13, 1986

What's The Runtime Of The Never Too Young to Die Movie?

Runtime: 92.0

How Popular Is The Never Too Young to Die Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.863

What Studio(s) Produced The Never Too Young to Die Film?

Charter Entertainment

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Never Too Young to Die?

Lance Stargrove John Stamos
Danja Deering Vanity
Velvet Von Ragnar Gene Simmons
Drew Stargrove George Lazenby
Riley Robert Englund
Cliff Peter Kwong
Pyramid Ed Brock
Arliss John Anderson
Sacrificed Punkette Tara Buckman
Barton Curtis Taylor
Coach Madsen Jon Greene
Grady Tim Colceri
Mr. Wilder John Miranda
Exploding Biker Patrick Wright
Wrestler Gary Kasper
Minister Art Payton
Waitress Ivar Mireles
Minkie Randy Hall
Minkie's Partner Branscombe Richmond
Scarred man in dune costume Larry Leverett
Gene Simmons Transvestite Band Viva Sex

Who Was On The Crew Of Never Too Young to Die The Movie?

Art — Art Direction: Dean Tschetter
Camera — First Assistant Camera: Mark Davison
Crew — Security: Jon Greene
Crew — Stunts: Al Jones
Crew — Stunts: Andy Gill
Crew — Stunts: Branscombe Richmond
Crew — Stunts: Charlie Brewer
Crew — Stunts: Christine Anne Baur
Crew — Stunts: Debbie Evans
Crew — Stunts: Randy Hall
Crew — Stunts: Terry Jackson
Crew — Stunts: Tom Bergman
Crew — Stunts: Tracy Keehn-Dashnaw
Directing — Director: Gil Bettman
Production — Casting: Dorothy Koster Paul
Production — Executive Producer: Dorothy Koster Paul
Production — Producer: Steven Paul
Sound — Sound Re-Recording Mixer: David Parker
Writing — Screenplay: Anthony Foutz
Writing — Screenplay: Gil Bettman
Writing — Screenplay: Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Writing — Screenplay: Steven Paul
Writing — Writer: Anthony Foutz
Writing — Writer: Steven Paul
Writing — Writer: Stuart Paul

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