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Nice Guy Johnny

Watching The Movie Nice Guy Johnny
Nice Guy Johnny Film Information

What's The Movie Nice Guy Johnny About?

Johnny Rizzo, is about to trade his dream job in talk radio for some snooze-ville gig that'll pay enough to please his fiance. Enter Uncle Terry, a rascally womanizer set on turning a weekend in the Hamptons into an eye-opening fling for his nephew. Nice guy Johnny's not interested, of course, but then he meets the lovely Brooke, who challenges Johnny to make the toughest decision of is life.

What's The Genre Of The Nice Guy Johnny Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Who Stars In The Nice Guy Johnny Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Nice Guy Johnny Released?

Released: November 4, 2010

What's The Runtime Of The Nice Guy Johnny Movie?

Runtime: 89.0

How Popular Is The Nice Guy Johnny Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.166

What Studio(s) Produced The Nice Guy Johnny Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Nice Guy Johnny?

Johnny Rizzo Matt Bush
Brooke Kerry Bishe
Uncle Terry Edward Burns
Max Max Baker
Claire Anna Wood
Frank Brian Delate
Nicole Marsha Dietlein
Dr. Meadows Jay Patterson

Who Was On The Crew Of Nice Guy Johnny The Movie?

Crew — Cinematography: William Rexer
Directing — Director: Edward Burns
Editing — Editor: Janet Gaynor
Production — Producer: Aaron Lubin
Production — Producer: Edward Burns
Production — Producer: William Rexer
Sound — Music: P.T. Walkley
Writing — Writer: Edward Burns

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