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No Time for Comedy

Watching The Movie No Time for Comedy
No Time for Comedy Film Information

What's The Movie No Time for Comedy About?

Director William Keighley's 1940 film adaptation of S. N. Behrman's stage hit, about an aspiring playwright who finds himself an overnight Broadway success, stars James Stewart, Rosalind Russell, Genevieve Tobin, Louise Beavers, Charles Ruggles and Allyn Joslyn.

A country boy takes over Broadway . . . until he gets into heart-trouble!

What's The Genre Of The No Time for Comedy Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Who Stars In The No Time for Comedy Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture No Time for Comedy Released?

Released: September 14, 1940

What's The Runtime Of The No Time for Comedy Movie?

Runtime: 98.0

How Popular Is The No Time for Comedy Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.749

What Studio(s) Produced The No Time for Comedy Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture No Time for Comedy?

Gaylord 'Gay' Esterbrook James Stewart
Linda Paige Esterbrook Rosalind Russell
Philo Swift Charles Ruggles
Amanda 'Mandy' Swift Genevieve Tobin
Morgan Carrell, the Director Allyn Joslyn
Richard Benson Clarence Kolb
Clementine, Actress in Show / Linda's Maid Louise Beavers
Frank Lawrence Grossmith
Robert Robert Greig
Cab Driver Frank Faylen
Bonnie Gaye Cowen
Actor in Show Herbert Anderson
Waiter at Wyler's Party Sidney Bracey
Police Sergeant James Burke
Actor in Show Glen Cavender
Young Actress in Show Mildred Coles
Sweeny Edgar Dearing
First-Nighter Bess Flowers
Joe Herbert Heywood
Bartender at Wyler's Party Stuart Holmes
First-Nighter William Hopper
Drunk Wanting Directions Arthur Housman
Pearson Olaf Hytten
First-Nighter Selmer Jackson
Call Boy Mike Lally
Actor in Show Frank Mayo
Bar Patron Harold Miller
Linda's Chauffeur Jack Mower
First-Nighter Wedgwood Nowell
Waiter in Bar William H. O'Brien
Desk Sergeant Robert Emmet O'Connor
Bumping Man Exiting Subway Paul Panzer
Cashier John Ridgely
Backstage Man Cyril Ring
Party Guest Bert Stevens
First-Nighter Nella Walker
First-Nighter Pierre Watkin
Actor in Show Leo White
Actor in Show Jack Wise
First-Nighter Isabel Withers
Jim J. M. Kerrigan

Who Was On The Crew Of No Time for Comedy The Movie?

Directing — Director: William Keighley
Writing — Screenplay: Julius J. Epstein
Writing — Screenplay: Philip G. Epstein

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