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Of Horses and Men

Watching The Movie Of Horses and Men
Of Horses and Men Film Information

What's The Movie Of Horses and Men About?

A country romance about the human streak in the horse and the horse in the human. Love and death become interlaced and with terrible consequences.The fortunes of the people in the country through the horses' perception.

What's The Genre Of The Of Horses and Men Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Who Stars In The Of Horses and Men Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Of Horses and Men Released?

Released: August 30, 2013

What's The Runtime Of The Of Horses and Men Movie?

Runtime: 85.0

How Popular Is The Of Horses and Men Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.861

What Studio(s) Produced The Of Horses and Men Film?

Who Was On The Crew Of Of Horses and Men The Movie?

Art — Art Direction: Ari Birgir Agustsson
Art — Production Design: Sigurour Oli Palmarsson
Costume & Make-Up — Makeup Department Head: Sigriour Rosa Bjarnardottir
Crew — Cinematography: Bergsteinn Bjorgulfsson
Directing — Director: Benedikt Erlingsson
Editing — Editor: Davio Alexander Corno
Production — Producer: Friorik Bor Frioriksson
Sound — Music: Davio Bor Jonsson
Writing — Writer: Benedikt Erlingsson

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