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Omen IV: The Awakening

Watching The Movie Omen IV: The Awakening
Omen IV: The Awakening Film Information

What's The Movie Omen IV: The Awakening About?

Damien Thorn is dead, but his prophecy is reborn in a girl named Delia, who is adopted by two attorneys, Gene & Karen York. When Karen realises her baby was born under suspicious circumstances, she hires a private investigator to find Delia's real parents. A series of bizarre accidents occur, and Karen begins to suspect everyone of conspiring her as she unravels the truth about her baby.

What's The Collection The Omen IV: The Awakening Movie Belongs to?

The Omen Collection

What's The Genre Of The Omen IV: The Awakening Movie?

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Who Stars In The Omen IV: The Awakening Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Omen IV: The Awakening Released?

Released: May 19, 1991

What's The Runtime Of The Omen IV: The Awakening Movie?

Runtime: 97.0

How Popular Is The Omen IV: The Awakening Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.730

What Studio(s) Produced The Omen IV: The Awakening Film?

FNM Films, Harvey Bernhard Productions

Canada, United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Omen IV: The Awakening?

Karen York Faye Grant
Gene York Michael Woods
Earl Michael Lerner
Dr. Hastings Madison Mason
Jo Thueson Ann Hearn
Noah Jim Byrnes
Jake Madison Don S. Davis
Delia Asia Vieira
Sister Yvonne / Felicity Megan Leitch
Sister Francesca Joy Coghill
Father Hayes David Cameron
Mother Superior Susan Chapple
Revival Preacher Dana Still
Miss Roselli Andrea Mann
Father Mattson Duncan Fraser
Madge Milligan Camille Mitchell
Hildy Riggs Brenda Crichlow
Forrest Riggs William S. Taylor
Morris Creighton Serge Houde
Lily Creighton Wendy Van Riesen
Jerome James Sherry
Miss Norris Mikal Dughi
Blind Medium Norman Armour
Customer at Fair Tish Heaven
Psychic I Claire Vardiel
Psychic II Hamish Boyd
Young Christian Woman Lesley Ewen
Older Christian Woman Sheila Paterson
Drifter Martin Cummins
Motel Clerk Suzie Payne
Young Novice Ruth McIntosh
Mica Brent Stait
North Carolina M. D. Tom Heaton
Oriental Hooker Karen Yip
Delia - 3 yrs Brianne Harrett
Delia - 2 yrs Rebecca Cynader
Delia - 1,5 yrs Shelby Adams
Graham Resnick Scott Swanson
Bartender - New England Gerry Bean
Lawyer (uncredited) William B. Davis

Who Was On The Crew Of Omen IV: The Awakening The Movie?

Directing — Assistant Director: Kelsey T. Howard
Directing — Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard
Directing — Director: Jorge Montesi
Production — Producer: Harvey Bernhard
Sound — Sound Editor: David Byron Lloyd
Sound — Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Ron Estes
Writing — Characters: David Seltzer
Writing — Story: Brian Taggert
Writing — Story: Harvey Bernhard
Writing — Teleplay: Brian Taggert

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