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What's The Movie Orphans About?

The star of Ken Loach's MY NAME IS JOE, Mullan proves that his talent isn't relegated to acting. As a writer/director, he has crafted a supremely entertaining motion picture. ORPHANS tells the grittily realistic, hysterical, and deeply moving tale of a group of siblings who reunite in Glasgow on the eve of their mother's funeral. The four children mourn their mother's passing in a variety of ways, some of which are heartfelt and some of which are bizarre. As a potential thunderstorm threatens to damage the city, the situation compounds itself even further.

Are YOUR parents a burden?

What's The Genre Of The Orphans Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Who Stars In The Orphans Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Orphans Released?

Released: September 3, 1998

What's The Runtime Of The Orphans Movie?

Runtime: 101.0

How Popular Is The Orphans Movie?

Popularity Rating: 2.805

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Orphans?

Michael Douglas Henshall
Thomas Gary Lewis
Sheila Rosemarie Stevenson
John Stephen McCole
Mother of Family Ann Swan
Tanga Frank Gallagher
Hanson Alex Norton
Uncle Ian Dave Anderson
DD Duncan Malcolm Shields
Carole Laura O'Donnell
Ed, Carole's Dad John Comerford
Alison, Carole's Mum Deirdre Davis
Mr Bell Eric Barlow
Mrs Bell Frances Carrigan
Amanda, Babysitter Judith A. Williams
Mrs Finch Sheila Donald
Minnie Maureen Carr
Henry Laurie Ventry
Seamus Steven Singleton
Father Fitzgerald Seamus Ball
Louise, Carole's Sister Sarah Hepburn
Alice Martha Leishman

Who Was On The Crew Of Orphans The Movie?

Directing — Director: Peter Mullan
Writing — Writer: Peter Mullan

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