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Poor, Poor Pavel

Watching The Movie Poor, Poor Pavel
Poor, Poor Pavel Film Information

What's The Movie Poor, Poor Pavel About?

Lenfilm's most recent major production spins a kind of historical fantasy based on real incidents that's full of ominous implications for today. One night, a patrol rushes into the chambers of the Russian prince Pavel, son of the Empress Catherine; the Empress has died, and Pavel is to be anointed the new Tsar. Thought to be feeble-minded at best and crazy at worst, Pavel soon lives up to his enemies' fears: he dismisses long-serving courtiers, demands that peasants only work three days a week, and declares that state officials should start their days at 5 am. Soon, it seems that everyone who can is trying to hatch some kind of plot against him - including his own sons. Sumptuously designed, POOR POOR PAVEL constrasts the imperial splendor of the court with the sordid atmosphere of conspiracies and backstabbing that comes to define these characters' lives.

What's The Genre Of The Poor, Poor Pavel Movie?

Genres: Drama, Foreign

Who Stars In The Poor, Poor Pavel Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Poor, Poor Pavel Released?

Released: June 21, 2003

What's The Runtime Of The Poor, Poor Pavel Movie?

Runtime: 103.0

How Popular Is The Poor, Poor Pavel Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.114

What Studio(s) Produced The Poor, Poor Pavel Film?


Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Poor, Poor Pavel?

Emperor Pavel the First Viktor Sukhorukov
Count Palen Oleg Yankovskiy
Empress Mariya Fyodorovna Oksana Mysina
Aleksandr Aleksey Barabash
Yelizaveta Anna Molchanova
Lopukhina Yuliya Mavrina
Kutaisov Igor Shibanov
Konstantin Yevgeni Karpov
Bezborodko Vadim Lobanov
Baroness Livsi Vera Karpova
Brenna Aleksandr Grigoryants
Yashvil Dmitriy Sutyrin
De Ribas Boris Khvoshnyanskiy
Rogerson Sergey Barkovskiy
Valeryan Zubov Ivan Parshin

Who Was On The Crew Of Poor, Poor Pavel The Movie?

Directing — Director: Vitaly Melnikov
Sound — Music: Andrew Petrov
Writing — Original Story: Dmitry Merezhkovski

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