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Radioland Murders

Watching The Movie Radioland Murders
Radioland Murders Film Information

What's The Movie Radioland Murders About?

In 1939, WBN, a fourth radio network, is about to take to America's airwaves. As if the confusion of the premiere night wasn't enough, Penny Henderson, the owner's secretary, must deal with an unhappy sponsor, an overbearing boss and a soon-to-be ex-husband who desperately wants her back. As the broadcast begins, a mysterious voice breaks the broadcast and suddenly members of the cast turn up dead. It's up to her husband Roger, to find out whodunit as the police chase him through the halls of WBN.

At station WBN, the hits just keep on coming.

What's The Genre Of The Radioland Murders Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Music, Mystery, Romance

Who Stars In The Radioland Murders Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Radioland Murders Released?

Released: October 21, 1994

What's The Runtime Of The Radioland Murders Movie?

Runtime: 108.0

How Popular Is The Radioland Murders Movie?

Popularity Rating: 8.507

What Studio(s) Produced The Radioland Murders Film?

Universal Pictures

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Radioland Murders?

Roger Henderson Brian Benben
Penny Henderson Mary Stuart Masterson
General Walt Whalen Ned Beatty
Milt Lackey George Burns
Billy Scott Michael Campbell
Bernie King Brion James
Lieutenant Cross Michael Lerner
Rick Rochester Michael McKean
Walt Whalen, Jr. Jeffrey Tambor
Max Applewhite Stephen Tobolowsky
Zoltan Christopher Lloyd
Herman Katzenback Larry Miller
Claudette Katsenback Anita Morris
Dexter Morris Corbin Bernsen
Anna Rosemary Clooney
Wild Writer Bobcat Goldthwait
Tommy Robert Walden
Jasper Dylan Baker
Billy Barty Billy Barty
Himself Billy Barty

Who Was On The Crew Of Radioland Murders The Movie?

Directing — Director: Mel Smith
Writing — Screenplay: Gloria Katz
Writing — Screenplay: Jeff Reno
Writing — Screenplay: Ron Osborn
Writing — Screenplay: Willard Huyck
Writing — Story: George Lucas

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