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Red Passport

Watching The Movie Red Passport
Red Passport Film Information

What's The Movie Red Passport About?

Fabio Reyes, a former counterfeit artist who after serving 10 years of a 25 year sentence, wants nothing more than to rekindle his relationship with his long-lost daughter and live peacefully. But life isn't that fair and demons never die. As Fabio embarks on a roller-coaster ride of deception, lies, suspense and murder, nothing turns out to be as it seems.

The price of a man's freedom can cost everything...

What's The Genre Of The Red Passport Movie?

Genres: Crime, Drama

Who Stars In The Red Passport Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Red Passport Released?

Released: September 20, 2003

What's The Runtime Of The Red Passport Movie?

Runtime: 89.0

How Popular Is The Red Passport Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.003

What Studio(s) Produced The Red Passport Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Red Passport?

Fabio Reyes Frank Molina
Cojo Frank Medrano
Theresa Sharon Angela
Sonia Maite Bonilla
Dominoe player Hector Rosario

Who Was On The Crew Of Red Passport The Movie?

Directing — Director: Albert Xavier

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