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Rise of the Zombies

Watching The Movie Rise of the Zombies
Rise of the Zombies Film Information

What's The Movie Rise of the Zombies About?

When zombies overrun San Francisco, a desperate group survives by locking themselves inside Alcatraz Prison. When the undead breach the island, our heros are forced to return to the mainland overrun with the undead.

What's The Genre Of The Rise of the Zombies Movie?

Genres: Action, Horror, Thriller

Who Stars In The Rise of the Zombies Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Rise of the Zombies Released?

Released: October 27, 2012

What's The Runtime Of The Rise of the Zombies Movie?

Runtime: 90.0

How Popular Is The Rise of the Zombies Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.793

What Studio(s) Produced The Rise of the Zombies Film?

Asylum, The

United States of America

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Rise of the Zombies?

Caspian Danny Trejo
Dr. Lynn Snyder Mariel Hemingway
Dr. Dan Halpern LeVar Burton
Marshall Ethan Suplee
Kyle Chad Lindberg
Ashley Heather Hemmens
Ramon Hector Luis Bustamante
Vivian Madonna Magee
Letty Angelique Cinelu
Bob Andy Clemence
Scientist French Stewart
Julie Kerisse Hutchinson
Jason Jon Kondelik
Kenny John A. Lorenz
Jun Nagase Lilan Bowden
Jud Nagase Peter Ngo
Sarah Tia Robinson
Brian Kieran Gallagher
Ashley Double Christina Ford
Bugsy Troy Hatt
Park Ranger Sanchez Lorenzo Eduardo
Hero Zombie Frank Forbes
Hero Zombie William Sturtevant
Hero Zombie Aleh Neliubin
Feature Zombie Dale Pulliam
Undead Housewife Mercy Malick
Water Zombie Charles Peeke Jr.
Zombie Isabelle Du
Zombie Hayden Forbes
Zombie Nelly Imame
Zombie Michelle Danese
Zombie Amanda Chism
Zombie Tricia Matz
Zombie Carryl Lynn
Zombie Russell Becker
Zombie Zedrick Restauro
Zombie Andy Skauge
Zombie Vera R. Taylor
Zombie Matt Zimmer
Survivor Carole Maldonado

Who Was On The Crew Of Rise of the Zombies The Movie?

Art — Production Design: Mark Macauley
Crew — Cinematography: Alexander Yellen
Directing — Director: Nick Lyon
Sound — Music: Chris Ridenhour
Writing — Writer: Delondra Williams
Writing — Writer: Keith Allan

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