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Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult

Watching The Movie Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult
Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult Film Information

What's The Movie Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult About?

In Knohult things havn't changed much. Eulalia is tired of Nisse who's engaged in all sorts of inventions in his workshop or poaching in the forest rather than to repair the water pump. When Eulalia in protest begins swimming in soft drinks and water the plants with spirit Åsa-Nisse sees nothing else to do but to repair the pump. As with all his inventions he adds a few extra features ... When he starts the machine the ground rumbles and up comes oil instead of water! Now, not only Åsa-Nisse, but the whole Knohult sees their chance to become wealthy! But "Dunderpumpen", as he calles the invention, turns out to be stronger than anyone had imagined, and when shady Scanian oil magnates with support of the Swedish government wants their share of the pie Knohult declares themselves a republic...

What's The Collection The Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult Movie Belongs to?

Åsa-Nisse Collection

What's The Genre Of The Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult Movie?

Genres: Comedy

Who Stars In The Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult Released?

Released: February 11, 2011

What's The Runtime Of The Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult Movie?

Runtime: 89.0

How Popular Is The Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.726

What Studio(s) Produced The Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult?

Asa-Nisse Kjell Bergqvist
Klabbarparn Michael Segerstrom
Eulalia Ann Petren
Kristin Sissela Kyle
Sjokvist Johan Rabaeus
Froken Britta Sofia Helin
Marten Johan Glans
Statsministern Maria Lundqvist
Knohultarn Henrik Dorsin
Ebbe Claes Mansson
Storbonde Allan Svensson
Torkel Robert Wetterlund
Greven Stig Grybe

Who Was On The Crew Of Åsa-Nisse - Welcome to Knohult The Movie?

Art — Production Design: Jan Olof Agren
Camera — Director of Photography: Elvin Lee Chee Peng
Crew — Choreographer: Denise Holland Bethke
Directing — Director: Fredrik Boklund
Directing — Script Supervisor: Anna Odman
Editing — Editor: Fredrik Morheden
Production — Executive Producer: Asa Sjoberg
Production — Executive Producer: Bertil Nylen
Production — Executive Producer: Christer Flygelholm
Production — Executive Producer: Hans Westberg
Production — Executive Producer: Henrik Stenlund
Production — Executive Producer: Jessica Ask
Production — Executive Producer: Jessica Ericstam
Production — Executive Producer: Lars Johan Jarnheimer
Production — Executive Producer: Lone Korslund
Production — Executive Producer: Martin Timell
Production — Executive Producer: Niklas Borg
Production — Executive Producer: Niva Westlin Dahl
Production — Executive Producer: Peter Holmstrom
Production — Executive Producer: Poa Stromberg
Production — Executive Producer: Robert Aschberg
Production — Executive Producer: Robert Mesterton
Production — Executive Producer: Robert Olsson
Production — Executive Producer: Staffan Holm
Production — Producer: Zoula Pitsiava
Production — Production Manager: Tobias Astrom
Sound — Original Music Composer: Jean-Paul Wall
Writing — Screenplay: Henrik Dorsin
Writing — Screenplay: Rikard Ulvshammar

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