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What's The Movie Savages About?

The sea, August, interesting and simple people. They tan, swim, play volleyball, basketball, drink, dance and then find someone to spend the night with. Many grew out of their student phase and can afford a more comfortable holiday but when July comes they grab a tent, jump into their cars and come here. Here, nobody talks about work and the size of your wallet means nothing.

What's The Genre Of The Savages Movie?

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Who Stars In The Savages Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture Savages Released?

Released: November 23, 2006

What's The Runtime Of The Savages Movie?

Runtime: 100.0

How Popular Is The Savages Movie?

Popularity Rating: 0.903

What Studio(s) Produced The Savages Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture Savages?

Mister Marat Basharov
Ay-Yay Yuriy Kutsenko
Chornyy Vladislav Galkin
Барон Aleksey Gorbunov
Киса Кацман Evklid Kyurdzidis
Алина Irina Novak
Незнакомка Наталья Дюфрес
Гоблин Andrei Grinev
Касаткин Aleksandr Grishayev
Диана Anna Nebogatova
Рыба Elena Polyakova
Борюсик Pavel Sborshchikov
Женя Dariya Semyonova
Миха Spartak Sumchenko
Валерчик Konstantin Yushkevich
Ваня Tikhon Zhiznevskiy
Вадик Anatoli Zhuravlyov
Мурзя Igor Vernik
Лорик Yuliya Aleksandrova

Who Was On The Crew Of Savages The Movie?

Directing — Director: Viktor Shamirov
Writing — Writer: Viktor Shamirov

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