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School for Scoundrels

Watching The Movie School for Scoundrels
School for Scoundrels Film Information

What's The Movie School for Scoundrels About?

Hapless Henry Palfrey is patronised by his self-important chief clerk at work, ignored by restaurant waiters, conned by shady second-hand car salesmen, and, worst of all, endlessly wrong-footed by unspeakably rotten cad Raymond Delauney who has set his cap at April, new love of Palfrey's life. In desperation Henry enrolls at the College of Lifemanship to learn how to best such bounders and win the girl.

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What's The Genre Of The School for Scoundrels Movie?

Genres: Comedy

Who Stars In The School for Scoundrels Movie?

When Was The Motion Picture School for Scoundrels Released?

Released: March 24, 1960

What's The Runtime Of The School for Scoundrels Movie?

Runtime: 94.0

How Popular Is The School for Scoundrels Movie?

Popularity Rating: 1.333

What Studio(s) Produced The School for Scoundrels Film?

Who Was On The Cast Of The Motion Picture School for Scoundrels?

Henry Palfrey Ian Carmichael
Raymond Delauney Terry-Thomas
Mr S. Potter Alastair Sim
April Smith Janette Scott
Dunstan Dennis Price
Dudley Peter Jones
Gloatbridge Edward Chapman
Head Waiter John Le Mesurier
Mrs Stringer Irene Handl
General Kynaston Reeves
1st Instructress Hattie Jacques
Instructor Hugh Paddick
2md Instructress Barbara Roscoe
Proudfoot Gerald Campion
Dingle Jeremy Lloyd
Fleetsnod Monte Landis

Who Was On The Crew Of School for Scoundrels The Movie?

Camera — Director of Photography: Erwin Hillier
Directing — Director: Cyril Frankel
Directing — Director: Hal E. Chester
Directing — Director: Robert Hamer
Production — Executive Producer: Hal E. Chester
Writing — Novel: Stephen Potters
Writing — Screenplay: Hal E. Chester
Writing — Screenplay: Patricia Moyes

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